San Carlos Guaymas Map

The San Carlos Guaymas Map illustrates the location in Sonora, Mexico. If you are driving to San Carlos/Guaymas take a look at this map and download it for free to your mobile device for easier navigation.

Guaymas San Carlos Map
Guaymas San Carlos Map (click for download)

Getting to San Carlos or Guaymas from any point will require a trip on 15-South.

San Carlos Guaymas Map: Directions from Nogales

  • From Nogales, take 15-D the toll road south for 8 miles. Use the left two lanes to exit toward Hermosillo
  • Merge onto Heroica de Nogales Imuris 15-South for 43 miles
  • Get back onto a toll road (15-D) for 7.5 miles
  • Continue on 15-S, also toll road for 105 miles
  • Use the left lane for Hermosillo – Guaymas 15S 25 miles
  • Keep left to stay on 15-S for 62 miles
  • You will exit at Guaymas

San Carlos Guaymas Map: Directions from Sonoyta

  • Follow México 2 south for 108 km
  • Hop onto 15S for 155 km toward Hermosillo (toll road)
  • Turn right onto Blvd Guillermo Padres/Santa Anna – Hermosillo Mexico 15S for 155 km (toll road)
  • Follow 15S to the end

Directions from Puerto Peñasco

  • There are two options to get to San Carlos from Puerto Peñasco. Via 15S (592 km) or via SON3 (546km)
  • Via SON 3-
    • Head south on Blvd. Freemont for 15km
    • Follow Sonora 3 (SON 3) to Sonora San Luis – La Banera/SON61 for 395km
    • Turn Right onto Sonara San Luis – La Banera/SON 61 for 86.7 km
    • Continue on 15S to Centro, Heroica Guaymas for 47.7km to the end
  • Via Hermosillo 15S
    • Take Blvd Freemond and SON 3 to Caborca – Sonoyta/Salomon Ramos/Sonoyta Caborca/Mexico 2 in Centro Caborca for 176 km
    • Continue on Mexico 2. Take the Santa Anna – Hermosillo to Guaymas – Hermosillo/Hermosillo-Guaymas/Mexico 15S.
    • Exit to Hermosillo Guaymas/Mexico 15S for 400km
    • Follow Mexico 15S to Heroica Guaymas to the end® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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