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Why RV in Sonora? Neatly sandwiched between the stunning Sea of Cortez and its crystal white beaches and Arizona, Sonora, Mexico is the second-largest state in Mexico and a tourist’s dream. Not only does the thriving tourist destination offer unfettered access to the Gold Coast, but its mainland infrastructure is easy to navigate and enjoy.

Sonora Map
Map of Sonora

Sonora is a favorite RV destination for Americans and Canadians. It costs less than Baja and the north is similar geographically. You can enjoy the sunshine and coastal views of the Sea of Cortez with plenty of RV parks in both the coastal and inland areas. This handy map makes it very simple to navigate, and the roads are very safe with a low crime rate in the general region.

The dollar is very strong in Mexico, allowing your vacation allowance to stretch further as you enjoy life in an (almost) tropical oasis. As mentioned, there are many first-rate campgrounds spread across the
state that cater to RV camping in Sonora. Here are just a few of the best options.

Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)

This beachfront town is popular with residents of Arizona and is called “Arizona’s Beach.” There is no language barrier as most residents you’ll come into contact with speak English. Zonies (Arizona natives) crowd it on weekends. Although there are several RV parks in Puerto Peñasco, most are full of annual rentals. So it is best to do some research and secure a spot for your rig before you leave. This is one of the few RV spots in Mexico where this is true.

RV Sites in Sonora Mexico

Playa de Oro RV Park Sonora

The Playa de Oro RV Park combines the quaint charm of old Mexico with the tranquility of the sea to create a truly splendorous experience for RVers. A great choice for those who want to experience the touristy side of RV RVing in Sonora, the park is situated right by the major entertainment mecca of Matamoros Ave. Not only can RVers enjoy the stunning sandy beach, but they can enjoy the nearby mini-market, restaurants, recreation halls, and tourist shops. The RV site offers 240 spaces complete with full hookups, water, restrooms, and electricity.

Sonora RV Map
Sonora RV Map – Click to download a free copy

The Reef RV Park

The Reef RV Park is one of the largest sites for RVing in Sonora, and for good reason. Not only does the site offer a plethora of parking spots and 24-hour security, but it also allows site access to almost the beach shore. It is also one of the first in Sonora to accommodate RV rigs that are larger than 35 feet. All RVers also have free access to electric hookups, sewer, water, Wi-Fi, showers, and bathrooms. Located in Puerto Peñasco Sonora.

RV Parks Sonora: Bahia Kino (Kino Bay)

If the crowds and upper-class atmosphere of Rocky Point or San Carlos don’t appeal to you, Kino Bay could be your new home. It is more low-rent, less pretentious. The beach is just as attractive; the sunsets over the Bay, just as stunning. But it is more of a Mexican resort, less expensive and with fewer high-end amenities.

Kunkaak RV Park

Situated right on the shores of the Sea of Cortes, this old fashioned resort offers a traditional take on RVing in Sonora. Those who want to experience the less glitzy and unspoiled side of RVing in Sonora will find the breathtaking scenery at Kunkaak RV park perfect. The RV site is located less than a block from the beach and offers laundry, restrooms, and a boat ramp.

San Carlos, Sonora

They built San Carlos for tourism. Everything is laid out efficiently, and the entire town is easy to navigate. You’ll find many amenities here, like the Internet, gourmet restaurants, upscale resorts, condos, coffee shops, banks. Many people speak English. RVers are welcome.

Totonaka RV Park

This full-featured RV Park is the last one standing in San Carlos. During the heyday of RV travel to Mexico, there were three. Totonaka (like all the parks in this article) has full hookups (EWS). It can accommodate even big rigs. They have a loyal following of both Americans and Canadians who spend their winters here. It is easy to get to. There is an enormous sign on the right of the only street in town.

Guaymas, Sonora

Guaymas is a town of commerce. It is a seaport and has many businesses relating to importing, exporting, and shipping. Never fear there is a respite from this busy downtown at the old railroad hotel and trailer park, Playa de Cortes. This once grand hotel features wood-paneled walls and oil paintings that look like they belong in a museum.

Playa de Cortes Hotel & Trailer Park

The trailer park is in front of the hotel. San Carlos is more popular, but a certain type of tourist who does not like crowds or fellow gringos will feel right at home here.

Alamos, Sonora

Many RVers drive right by Alamos, because they don’t know it is there or they are in Mexico solely for the beaches. To each his/her own. I have recommended Alamos to many customers and they have all said it was the highlight of their trip through Sonora.

Alamos is unique in Sonora. Far from the beach, this former commerce junction for the wealth coming from the mines in the nearby mountains has a different feel than anywhere else. It is a colonial town, as sure as San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town. The streets are cobblestone, the architecture hewn rock. The people are friendly but more reserved than those in beach towns. Alamos is beyond the border-free zone – so make sure to stop at the border for your permit.

Dolisa Trailer Park and Hotel

You’ll see it at the entrance to the town, on the left side where the road splits. This most pleasant RV park has shaded lots, all hookups, and friendly management. The small hotel has nicely decorated rooms too. Some pull-thru spaces. It can accommodate big rigs.

Polo Acosta Trailer Park and Hotel

An enjoyable place with shaded parking spots but it is a bear to find. Big rigs could park here, but getting there requires driving through the town and going over a riverbed. Smaller units will have no problem. I suggest you hire a taxi driver to guide you. This RV site has two swimming pools.

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