Mexico RV Parks – Coastal Jalisco and Nayarit

By “Mexico” Mike Nelson

This Mexico RV Parks article covers Coastal Jalisco and Nayarit, and includes 5 unique maps to help you find each one! Look, Mexico’s Pacific coast is fertile grounds for the cultivation of RV parks in Mexico. Especially good for their growth is the area surrounding Puerto Vallarta. 

Marina Vallarta Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit Mexico

It’s as if an RV Johnny Appleseed traversed the coast from La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit in the north to Barra de Navidad in the south. He planted RV park seedlings in the tourist-fertile soil. With the mild temperatures and just enough rain to make it tropical, they burst from the sand, blooming into full-fledged RV Parks. 

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I drove through this area in the 1980s and 1990s and again a few years ago. The first time, there were perhaps one-third as many parks as there are today. They started reproducing like mad in the 1990s and now are abundant. So, if you get in your RV and head south to this area, you won’t be alone.

Beach Massage Sayulita – RV Campers Relax

Today Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit and Jalisco offer more choices in RV parks than any other part of mainland Mexico. The area has long had a reputation for safety for tourists and for acceptance of different lifestyles. The people here took the lockdown of COVID 19 seriously and took precautions. Still, today, with the restrictions being gradually lifted this month, almost everyone wears masks. So, is it safe to go? You needn’t worry about personal safety. Are you safe from COVID 19? I give a qualified, Yes, but, COVID is not gone. Are you completely safe in the USA or Canada? Not by a long shot. Mexico seems to be doing her part to minimize the spread of the virus—at least in this area. 

Poseidon Statue Puerto Vallarta

Just like in other countries, not everyone took precautions. The government programs were haphazard at best. When I see the responses to the pandemic in the USA, I’m tempted to just go ahead to Mexico. My sage suggestion is to pay attention to reliable Mexico news sources, talk to people on expat forums and try to make an intelligent decision. If you are one who makes an annual winter trip, then just enjoy the article for future planning. 

There is such a variety of natural habitats to explore that this is a real winner for almost everyone. 

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Some reasons to visit Nayarit/Jalisco, from La Peñita de Jaltemba in Nayarit, to Puerto Vallarta, all the way down to Colima.

  1. Explore a rainforest
  2. If you drive a few hours south, you can climb an active volcano in Colima
  3. Follow exotic birds in the wild
  4. Visit or volunteer at turtle hatcheries
  5. Indulge yourself in sport fishing
  6. Meditate in calm waters
  7. Surf in decent waves
  8. Re-discover nightlife
  9. Enjoy gourmet food
  10. Discover art (both native and modern).
Bodyboarders in Mexico

The area is anchored by the small city of Puerto Vallarta which, although it receives around 5 million tourists a year, avoids being gringoized. That same can’t be said for some small towns to the north, but the south seems to still be relatively authentic. One day I will write a piece on how we can all travel lightly in the cultural sense and leave smiles behind, not frowns.

Overall Caveat

I talked to several RV Park & hotel owners about the future regarding COVID 19. We collectively got out our Ouija boards and crystal balls. Our best guess is that we cannot predict the future. Unless noted, all the parks in this article are planning on being available for you this winter. But check the situation before you roll out. Below we provide phone numbers and websites (where available) so you can check on who’s open and who’s not. It’s not just COVID-19 park owners and hoteliers have to worry about. Here is what one owner wrote to me:

We’re up in the air about next season, what with the anticipated resurgence of COVID in the Fall, plus some new, much more strict lodging tax requirements in play here South of the Border.

Some parks are closed now but may reopen. I included them so if they reopen, they won’t lose business. But I eliminated some RV parks from this list because I knew they were permanently closed. If I killed off one of your favorites prematurely, I apologize. RVers are often protective of their parks and will certainly inform me. Overall, I believe this list to be accurate, at least in the weeks it took to compile.

These parks are organized geographically, in the order you would encounter them driving down from the north. They are further organized by state. Unless noted, pet-friendly is the default.

As we went to press, we learned that the new toll road from Guadalajara is 93% complete. Started in 2011, this 156 KM highway has been perennially behind schedule. But now, authorities prognosticate it will be ready for you in October. Uh, this year, they say softly. 


La Peñita de Jaltemba 

1. Little Rig Trailer Park—Lat: 21.04409, Long: -105.24786

8 full hook-up sites (20 Amp). Best suited for class A-B or C RVs up to 34 feet. Fast WI-FI, cable TV, pool across from beach. Nicely maintained. Pet friendly. FB page  Website:  (Scroll down to read about this property). Also apartments–here and in Playa de los Cocos. Owned by Canadian couple. PH: 322 277 5891. Callejon Cabo San Lucas #1, La Peñita.

2. Heaven’s Gate–Lat: 21.04416667, Long: -105.24722222

When I saw the name, I worried that this was some religious cult compound intent on saving my soul or worse. If you are a suspicious type like me, you can breathe and relax. The “heaven” they talk about is the generic one in nature we are all headed for. Well, everyone but my ex-wives. It is a much more picturesque moniker than “paradise” which is so overused. There is an actual gate to the beach and as the owners put it: Your own private gate to incredible sunsets and endless beaches.

If big parks aren’t your thing, you might like this one. They only have space for 7 RVs (up to 36 feet), though they are on the water. The entire park is gated. EWS with 30 Amp E. Good  WiFi. Owner is a dog lover, so it is pet-friendly.  Website: PH: 327-274-3409–MEX. USA #: 916-648-2072. Colonia Pescadores, Cerrada Cabo San Lucas #11, La Penita.

Rincon de Guayabitos

3. Delia’s RV & Trailer Park, (GPS: 21.02167, -105.27472)

De Ceibas 4B, Rincon de Guayabitos, CP 63724. La Penita is a snowbird roost and if you want to flock with them, choose a park on the beach. If you’d prefer some peace and quiet (and get along with the resident cat), Delia’s is your perch. It is a couple of blocks off the beach and gated. Lower-priced because of location. FB:  PH: 331-155-6886.

4. Flamingo Trailer Park–Lat: 21.02741, Long: -105.26569

Calle flamingos 48, Rincon de Guayabitos Nayarit 

Definitely restarting on June 15,2020. Bungalows and RV spaces. 

 FB: PH: 327-274-1525.

5. Paraiso del Pescador Bungalows & RV Park–Lat: 21.02232, Long: -105.2744

Rtno. Ceibas S/N, Lotes- 1 y 2, 63724 Rincón de Guayabitos, Nay. 30 RV sites, all with EWS. Big rigs okay. Hotel looks decent and has a pool. Their website is now an online medicine scam, so if you see it somewhere else, don’t click it. PH: 327 274 0014.

6. El Oasis Trailer Park–Lat: 21.02239, Long: -105.27341

Rtno. Ceibas 28, Rincón de Guayabitos, 63724 La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nay., Mexico. 20 spaces, not all with EWS. Some 15 Amp, some 30. Big rigs okay. The “park” is a concrete lot, but it is secure. Adjacent hotel has pool and shaded areas. FB: El Oasis Trailer Park, Rincon De Guayabitos PH: 322-133-0573 or 274-0361. 

7. El Dorado RV Park–Lat: 21.02271, Long: -105.27229

Retorno Tabachines, Rincon de Guayabitos. Intimate site for only seven rigs, none of them over 30 feet. Associated with 5 star luxury hotel and the RV park is kept to the same standards. Security. Tree-lined pads. Use of hotel pool overlooking beach. Full hookups with 30 Amps. A little pricier than others, but it gets a lot of repeats. So you have to be a special person to stay here.  PH: (327) 274-0152.

8. Tiburon RV Park–Lat: 21.022767, Long: -105.275497

Retorno Las Palmas #1, Rincon de Guayabitos Nayarit. Gorgeous location, right on the beach. Their pool overlooks the beach. All lots have full hook-ups. They fenced the park. Decent Internet. Bungalows are well-appointed. Website: PH: (327) 274-0642 or 327-100-8777.

Lo de Marcos

9. Villas & Bungalows Tlaquepaque Resort–Lat: 20.95777, Long: -105.35406
Avenida Luis Echeverría #44. This park has longevity going for it. Founded in 1999, it is coupled with a hotel–hence the “resort” in the name. The 70 spaces are a little cramped, but at least have a little grass and surrounded by palm trees. The prices are high for the area. Two pools.  30 Amp. Good WiFi. A caravan group of French Canadians from Quebec arrive in November and stay until February, but there are still some spaces left. Website: www. (not working when checked).  PH: 327-275-0080.

10. Savage RV Campamento – Lat: 20.95476 Long: -105.35725.

10 spaces for RVs with EWS. Tents welcome too. Pool. Fast WIFI. Across from beach. Pet-friendly. More relaxed atmosphere than parks farther south. PH: 333-661-8587.

11. El Caracol Camino a las Minitas–Lat:20.95438, Long: -105.35816. 

EWS, on beach, pool. Bungalows. Guests brag about WIFI speed. Very popular. PH: 327-275- 0050. NO PETS. Some mixed reviews lately. Judge for yourself.


12. Bungalows & TP El Pequeñito Paraiso–Lat: 20.953658, Long: -105.360073.

All 23 back-in spaces EWS (30 Amp). On beach. Bungalows. Camino a las Minitas 1938, La Floresta, 63729 Lo de Marcos, Nay., Mexico. Good WiFi. PH: 327 275 0232.

13. Ron’s RV Park–Lat: 20.9534924, Long: -105.3597668

Perennially popular, lots of repeat quests. Pool. A block from beach.

36 Ave. Coral. 18 sites with EWS and 30 Amp. Can take rigs up to 45 feet. Five furnished bungalows. English, French, Spanish spoken. Pool. Security.  PH:  327-275-0145

14. Pretty Sunset Trailer Park–Lat: 20.957024 Long:-105.355636. Temporarily closed. Very popular small park for small rigs. 10 spaces EWS. Won’t know if they will reopen until Fall. Email: PH: 327-275-0055. 


15. Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows–Lat: 20.8701, Long: -105.43694.

Long-time favorite. 40 spaces for rigs up to 40 feet. WLAN Internet is available for a small fee. Pets OK. A few fully furnished bungalows. Email: Website: PH: mid-Nov-mid-May: 329-2913-126. Mid May-Mid-Nov (CDMX) 5-557-2133.

Punta de Mita

16. Hotel Costa Bahia–Lat: 20.746033, Long: -105.387683.  

Carr. Federal La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Hotel with RV spaces, but only a few. Best to make reservations.  Close to the town of La Cruz. Closest established camping to Punta de Mita 


No RV parks at this time.


Puerto Vallarta

17. Tachos TP–Lat: 20.65576, -105.23237
Prisciliano Sanchez, S/N frente Aramara, a few blocks behind Sam’s Club. Long-time favorite. Pool. Well-run. Good Security. Email: Website: www. (not working at time of writing). FB: Tachos RV (working).  PH: 322-224-2163.

18. Trailer Park Puerto Vallarta–Lat: 20.63517, -105.22871

Calle Francia # 143, Colonia Versailles. Owned by same family as Tachos. Not as upscale and I’ve heard that security is not as good. Tel: 322-224-2828 


19. Rancho Sol Y Mar–Lat: 20.24956, Long: -105.579815

Magnificent. Owners true ecologists. Special place for special campers. Only small rigs, class B, allowed. No hookups. Tent campers welcome. Bungalows for rent.  If you stay here, you will get the chance to volunteer and learn something about the area. But you don’t have to. Classes in a variety of New Thought activities. Pristine beaches.  If at all possible they will reopen, but can’t say for sure now. Website: 

Boca de Iguanas

20. Boca Beach Camping & Trailer Park – 19.3073706, -104.8197101

Over 30 years in business, which says something about how they treat guests and maintain their park. Security. 40 spaces with EWS. Bungalows. Tenters okay. Pet okay. Across from the ocean. Website: FB: Boca Beach Camping & Trailer Park PH: 315 109 5237–NOW OPEN.

San Patricio / Melaque

21. QúeMex RV et Trailer Park–Lat: 19.22478, Long: -104.71130.
Popular with French Canadians and caravans, this 48-site park has 30 Amp EWS in all lots. Also tenters OK. Rental houses or bungalows on grounds. PH: 315 107-4799.

22. Bungalows Laguna del Tule–Lat: 19.21676, -104.69337

Stunning views. On beach. Hotel has a big pool. 35 sites with EWS, 30 Amp. Many, many more for dry camping or caravans. Tenters also welcome. Zafiro 111, 48980 San Patricio, Jal., Mexico Because of its popularity, it is best to call for a reservation in Winter. Rest of year, winging it is good for the exercise. PH: (315) 355-5395 OR (315) 355-7241. 

23. Playa TP–Lat: 19.223339, Long: -104.706053
Very nice location. Lopez Mateos 4A, Centro. 35 spaces with EWS. 50 Amp. 2 pools. Restaurant. Quiet and on the beach. 

Barra de Navidad

24. VIP Trailer Park–Lat: 19.206173, Long: -104.679031

Armada 137, Barra de Navidad, Jal. Calling this a trailer park is like calling the Grand Canyon a ditch. I’ve seen lots of RV parks across mainland Mexico in my years and believe this to be the most luxurious. Amenities like a luxury resort, parking, pool, grassy areas, outdoor kitchen, units well-spaced from each other. Each space has its own bathroom. Fast Internet. Only 7 spaces, EWS. 50 Amp.



Side Note

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