Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride

Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride in Baja
Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride in Baja

The eighty-mile Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride event is a display of fantastic scenery between Rosarito and Ensenada. It is a moderately challenging ride.  Riders cruise along the breathtaking Pacific Coast 

Rosarito and Ensenada are both charming Mexican cities in the Baja North state. Even prettier and more interesting is what lies between them: over 50 miles of gorgeous coastline and countryside. Every year a bicycle ride is held between the two cities so that participants can enjoy these wondrous sights from the seats of their bikes. If you love bicycling and want to visit Baja, Mexico then you might just want to pencil in the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride on your list of future vacation ideas.

Riders will peddle anywhere from 2 to 7 hours (over 80 miles).  The length of the ride is held on paved road.  According to those who rode the event in the past – proficient cyclists can make the journey in about two hours. Meanwhile, the average amount of time for rookie and unhealthy people is around 8 hours.  Anyone still riding by 4 PM will risk being struck by a motorist unable to see the bicycle at night.

Because the event is so close to the U.S. border (and a short drive from San Diego), it is easy for Americans to participate in it. But Americans and Mexicans aren’t the only people who take part in the bike ride. People come from all over the world to ride their bikes during the event. It is a world-class bicycling course that is filled with dozens of other like-minded individuals.

The first part of the trek is along the pacific coast where the roads are mostly flat.  The end of the run is more challenging with hills but if you stay focused you can complete the course without crying or falling down and acting like a baby.  Those who make it past this challenging second leg of the course will find the third leg which leads to a cruise down an incline back toward the ocean town of Ensenada.  This section can be dangerous for those who don’t have braking control may lose control over the cliffs!  Make it through the downhill portion of the ride and you’ll find the last section of course en route to the after-party in Ensenada. Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride.

Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride History

The Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride began in 1979 and has been held annually since then. The event becomes more fine-tuned and enjoyable with every passing year. Nowadays, in the current year, the bike ride is a well-oiled process. There are few delays or mishaps and everything goes smoothly.

Bicyclist in Baja
Bicyclist in Baja

Rosarito Ensenada Bicycle Friendships

In addition to the actual cycling, many people attend the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride for the camaraderie. Simply put, there are few places in the world better for meeting others interested in bicycling. Who knows, you might even meet someone from back home and start a life-long friendship. Crazier things have happened at the event.

The bike ride is only 50 miles long so it gets over by early afternoon. However, the fun of the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride does not stop there. The event continues on until sunset with drinks, food, and live music. Usually, the “after party” is held on one of the many gorgeous beaches that surround the city of Ensenada.

Bicycle Ride in Baja
Bicycle Ride in Baja

If you’re a bicycling buff, then the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride might spark some interest in you. It truly is a one-of-a-kind event. Make sure to plan ahead early though – spots for the ride fill up fast! And even though the event is sponsored by more expensive car insurance providers who pay for their sponsorship (which ultimately you pay for), you can instead go your own way. Check out the prices for

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