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Rosarito Beach’s 5th Annual International Mariachi & Folklórico Festival

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Rosarito Beach’s 5th Annual International Mariachi & Folklórico Festival

Scheduled from October 1-5, the 2014 International Mariachi & Folklorico Festival is held at the legendary Rosarito Beach Hotel and promises to be a fabulous time for all—performers and visitors alike!  The festival showcases what’s best in mariachi and folklore today.  People travel to the Baja Peninsula from elsewhere in Mexico and from international locations simply to enjoy this memorable event and the performances that make it a summer stand-out!


Rosarito Beach Mariachi


Stellar Performances

This year’s 5th annual festival is geared to be a top-notch showcase of talent.  According to reports, Mariachi Divas, Mariachi Vargas, and even members of Aguila Tijuana will be delighting the crowds with performances.  Live music will be complemented by world-class vocal performances, superior musicianship, and extraordinary dancing!  As Rosarito is roughly a half hour from the US border, many travelers will want to plan a trip in time to witness this spectacular Baja event.


Accompanying Events

In conjunction with renowned performances by world-class professionals, the festival also features mariachi and dance workshops for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners.

  • October 1-3, 9am-4pm:  Workshops Mariachi, vocal and Folklorico students (Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Divas, others)
  • October 2, 5:30-7pm:  Salon de la Fama (Hall of Fame) induction ceremony
  • October 2, 7:00-9pm:  Cocktail with the Stars
  • October 3rd, 7-10:30pm:  Inauguration – Grand opening ceremonies followed by student showcase and professional performances by Int’l superstars
  • October 4th, 10am-3pm:  Battle of the Mariachis, Folklorico and song competitions ($5,000 prize)

This annual fundraiser is an event that supports the Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito.  It’s a ‘Dining with Stars’ event that attracts many who want to support the arts as well as the city’s youth programs.  Other professional groups will also be hosted at the festival.  As the fest gets closer, the scheduling will be finalized, so anyone interested in going should certainly check the hotel’s website for up-to-date information regarding time and date of specific performances and events.

Rosarito Beach Hotel

Mariachi and Folklorico

These traditional forms of music and dance are revered throughout Mexico.  Both are generally performed at holidays and at various Mexican festivals throughout the year.  Rosarito’s International Mariachi and Folklorico festival, however, is particularly we well known among travelers who love to visit Baja cities like Rosarito during the summer in any case.  The festival features many musicians and dancers so it’s the ideal time to see many interpretations of these traditional Latin American art forms.  The performances are rivaled only by the delightful costumes that make this such a singular summer fest!


Rosarito Beach Hotel and Rosarito

The hotel is iconic and one of the city’s best known landmarks.  Once the favorite haunt of Hollywood celebrities during the golden age of film, like Marilyn Monroe, the Art Deco-style hotel is romantic and luxurious.  Even if you choose to stay at one of the city’s other excellent hotels or resorts, the Rosarito Beach Hotel is a must-see attraction nevertheless!  Rosarito Beach is also known, of course, for its marvelous beaches and water sport.  If you are looking for a get-away destination in close proximity to the US, this is a great choice.  With plenty of vibrant nightlife, gorgeous natural scenery, and a plethora of things to do, Rosarito Beach is always waiting to welcome visitors—especially to celebrate great events like the Mariachi and Folklorico festival!

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