Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach Pier
Rosarito Beach Pier

Slightly more than a half-hour from the U.S. border, the Mexican city of Rosarito Beach is located on the Pacific Ocean on the northern coast of Baja California.  Its proximity to other major cities like San Diego in the U.S. and its northern city neighbor Tijuana makes it an extremely popular tourist destination.  A warm beach town with a Mediterranean climate and plenty of things to see and do, Rosarito Beach is a must-visit destination for excursions beyond the border.


Situated among the foothills of the region’s Peninsular Ranges, Rosarito boasts both the charms of the sea and the surrounding desert.  Because its terrain is more even than other regional cities, Rosarito boasts incredible off-roading topography that is popular with tourists.  Its beaches are noted for their extraordinary scenery and the waters off the coast are rich with sport fish, whales, and other ocean life.  As one of the Baja Peninsula’s most naturally scenic landscapes, it attracts many eco-lovers and sun-seeking travelers each year.

History of Rosarito Beach

The region of Rosarito Beach, like much of the peninsula, was home to hunting and gathering peoples thousands of years ago.  Their semi-nomadic life slowly gave way to a semi-agricultural one.  In 1535, the Spanish entered the region; however, they were unable to colonize the peninsula for centuries due to its immensely difficult terrain, isolation, and hostile tribes.  In 1825, the first ranch finally sprouted up in Rosarito.  After many decades of settlement, Rosarito was finally officially established in 1885.  Though it remained a suburb of Tijuana for most of the twentieth century, it finally gained city status in its own right in 1995.  The development resulted in high rise hotels and a plethora of tourist venues that attract throngs from far and wide.

Rosarito Beach
Rosarito Beach

Visiting Rosarito Beach

Tourists favor Rosarito for its attractive beaches, warm climate, and pleasant atmosphere.  Activities like sport fishing, whale watching, off-roading, camping, kayaking, and scuba are famous in Rosarito.  From luxury resorts to RV parks, Rosarito boasts a wide array of accommodations for all tastes and budgets.  In fact, its more than twenty-five resorts are adept and showing visitors Rosarito’s brand of Mexican fun.  From the ocean to the city’s shops and cultural venues, there are many things to love about this northern Mexican city.

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Tourist-Friendly Things to See and Do

Christ of the Sacred Heart

This religious site is located on a hill south of the city.  It has become a popular landmark and its location affords fantastic views of the city.

Jesus Rosarito
Jesus in Rosarito

El Museo at Festival Plaza

This extraordinary museum pays homage to the history of tequila.  Learn about the historic methods used to make this renowned drink and even try some during your visit.

Puerto Nuevo

Many Rosarito tourists make a concerted effort to visit the nearby lobster village of Puerto Nuevo.  The warm hospitality and delectable grilled lobster bathed in butter lure many hungry travelers to the city.

Sport Fishing

Whether fishing from the pier or chartering a boat, many people fulfill their dream of catching dorado or tuna in the waters off Rosarito.

Horseback Riding

horses and quads in rosarito
Horses and Quads on Rosarito Beach

From the coastal lands to the foothills, Rosarito offers perfect horseback riding terrain which allows riders to both see and experience the lovely scenery.

Rosarito Beach Hotel

This iconic hotel features many entertainment events and plays an important role in the cultural life of the city.  Many visitors delight in a stay at this renowned hotel.


Many travelers head to Juarez Boulevard to shop for ceramics, silver, leather goods, or other notable wares.  The avenue is also a perfect place to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal or experience Rosarito café life.

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