Rosarito Beach Hotel

One of the most revered and well-known hotels on the Baja Peninsula, the Rosarito Beach Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy spring break or reside for vacations in the beautiful coastal city of Rosarito Beach.  Located in the Mexican state of Baja California, Rosarito Beach boasts many world-class accommodations, but the Rosarito Beach Hotel is a unique venue to hang your hat and it’s ideally suited to travelers in search of comfort and style away from home.  

The Allure of the Hotel

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is a legend in the region.  It opened in the 1920s welcoming guests for the first time in 1925.  The hotel famously lured Hollywood’s elite to its doors and its celebrated aura of luxury can still be found in the elegant rooms and public areas of this grand hotel.  Guests who want to enjoy a luxury experience at a historic mansion will find that the Rosarito Beach Hotel answers in every respect.  Its service and ambiance is unsurpassed in the region.

Rosarito Beach Hotel Stairs
Rosarito Beach Hotel Stairs

The Accommodations

The hotel and its accompanying resort know what underscores a great vacation experience.  Comfortably spacious rooms feature beach views that look upon the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  Some rooms feature kitchenettes and other features that guests expect from a world-class hotel.  While these spaces are popular with families and groups of friends, the suites offer panoramic views and sumptuous decorative elements.  There are various rooms and packages to consider when booking a stay, but the hotel’s website is particularly welcoming and easy to navigate.  Prospective guests will find all the information about rooms posted on the site.

The resort is also known for its myriad of activities and special events.  Naturally, there is plenty for vacationers to see and do in Rosarito, but the hotel contributes to the cities vibrant cultural life.  Wine tastings and surf events are regular festivities supported by the hotel.  There are also various restaurants and bars that help characterize the hotel as a true, all-inclusive resort.  The food served at the hotel’s venues is renowned throughout the city and there is always plenty of fresh seafood and produce on hand.  Guests will marvel at the traditional and fusion dishes that will greet them.

Rosarito Beach Hotel Pool
Rosarito Beach Hotel Pool

Spa Treatment

The Rosarito Beach Hotel also boasts world-class spa treatments for vacationers.  From beauty treatments to therapeutic sessions, the spa promotes healing and rejuvenating packages that are celebrated throughout the region.  The spa also incorporates the enchanting view of the sea to nurture relaxation and promote the soothing qualities of the setting.  Massage, facial, and wraps are just a few of the treatments popular among the hotel’s clientele.  Vacationers should look for spring break specials and other special promotions when they book time at the spa.

Elegant but Relaxing Atmosphere

Many guests find a comfortable seat by the pool and have a hard time leaving.  The beautiful confines of the hotel are so appealing they can keep guests from experiencing the rest of this enchanting town!  When planning your travel itinerary, be sure to schedule plenty of time to enjoy all the aspects of the hotel while still traveling to other areas of the city.

Rosarito Beach Hotel Interior
Rosarito Beach Hotel Interior

Rosarito Beach

When guests do embark from the hotel into the city itself, they’ll find plenty of amazing things to discover about this eclectic coastal town of northern Mexico.  Golf, horseback riding, surfing, scuba, and even whale watching are just a few of Rosarito’s most popular activities for spring breakers and vacationers.  Be sure to head out of town to the nearby village of Puerto Nuevo to experience their world-famous lobster!  With plenty of beach activities, shopping, and a vibrant social scene, Rosarito is ideally suited to the concept of vacation and the Rosarito Beach Hotel is the city’s most beloved accommodation.

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