Rocky Point RV Vacation

Rocky Point is one of Northern Mexico’s most popular destinations.  Travelers come to enjoy weekend getaways as well as vacations.  Visitors come to experience Rocky Point’s incredible sport fishing, golf, beaches, snorkeling, and so much more.  Rocky Point, known as Puerto Penasco in Mexico, is also the perfect Mexican destination for RVs as it boasts designated areas for RVs and campers with a wide array of amenities.  If you have an RV and wish to have some fun in the sun, Rocky Point beckons with its myriad of attractions.

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RV Parks and Amenities

Since Rocky Point receives considerable RV traffic, it’s little wonder why they have so many parks and amenities for this segment of tourists.  Full hookups are available for RVs on a daily, weekly, and even a monthly basis.  During peak periods like Spring Break, however, many parks can fill up quickly.  If you are planning to visit Rocky Point during a peak period, it’s best to make reservations at the park of your choice in advance.  Most parks also allow for tent camping too.  The extra amenities like showers, therefore, are a welcome feature of most of the camps.

Rocky Point RV Vacation:  Choosing an RV Camp

In some cities, RV camps are relegated to the outskirts far from the more luxurious hotels and resort areas on the beaches.  Rocky Point, however, boasts RV parks right on the beaches or within each access of the beach.  It also features RV parks within the town itself and on the outskirts for people who prefer the scenic desert experience.  As RV drivers may well know, the luxury hotels and resorts are great; they’re even nice places to head out for dinner when in town, but the RV experience truly allows the traveler to be part of the setting.  Imagine opening the door of your RV with a cup of fresh coffee in hand to view the majestic Sea of Cortez mere footsteps away.  Traveling in your RV or camping is one of the most authentic ways to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of northern Mexico.

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Rules of the Road

Of course, your RV is your ride into town and the cozy place where you hang your hat, but the attractions of Rocky Point—water sport, sailing excursions, fishing, golf, nightlife—are entirely at your disposal.  Plan your trip to this celebrated Sonoran city so you can see for yourself why it is so popular among RV drivers. 

The main thing to keep in mind about driving your RV in Mexico is that you’ll be required to have Mexican CAR insurance.  Since many domestic providers won’t provide coverage for Mexico, you can easily procure that coverage before your proposed trip or as you cross the Mexican border.  Mexinsurance offers insurance but the deductibles on both comprehensive and collision are $1000 US.  Driving without this insurance is not an option if you wish to avoid significant legal trouble in a foreign country.  Luckily, you will not need a Mexican driving permit for driving to Rocky Point.  Be sure to always have proof of your Mexican insurance whenever you get behind the wheel of your RV.

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