Renew Your Passport for Mexico


Renewing your U.S. passport for Mexico might sound like a daunting task. If you are picturing yourself in a long line akin to what you experience at the DMV, however, you’ll be happy to learn that the process is done through the mail. As long as your previous passport was issued to you within the last 15 years, and you were 16 or older when you got it, you can renew via the mail. You must also have your old passport in your possession because it needs to be sent in along with your renewal application.

Passport Application Form

The first step to getting a new passport for Mexico is filling out a DS-82 form, which is available on the U.S. Department of State website ( You can also pick up the form in person from a U.S. Consulate office. Make sure you sign and date the DS-82 form on Page 1, or it will be returned to you.

Passport Photo

You also need to provide an updated photo of yourself, as the one on your previous passport is at least 10 years old. The photo can be taken professionally – many copy centers or photo studios will take passport images for a fee – or you can take it yourself and print it at home on photo paper. Either way, the photo must be in color and a close-up of your face; you can include your shoulders, but not much more. Stand in front of a white or light-colored background during the picture, and maintain a neutral facial expression while you pose. The U.S. State Department recommends wearing clothing that you would normally wear during travel. The photo must be exactly 2-by-2 inches in size to fit on your passport.


Once you have your signed application form and picture in hand, fill out a check or money order for your renewal fee. As of 2012, the cost for renewing via the mail is $140. If you have changed your name, such as through marriage, you also need to provide a copy of the court document or license that proves the name change is legal. Send the DS-82 form, name change documents when applicable, passport fee,  photo and your old passport in a padded envelope to:

National Passport Processing Center
Post Office Box 90155
Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155

If you need your passport quickly, include an additional $60 to cover the expedited service fee. Also, write “EXPEDITED” on the side of your padded envelope so the processing center will know you are expediting the passport application as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Getting a renewed passport is much easier than getting a brand new passport. Once you send the documents in, expect your new passport to arrive within a few months, unless you expedite your application. You will also get your old passport back.

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