Qualitas Agent Workshop

Qualitas Agent Workshop


Qualitas Agent Workshops and Wine Tour: 2014-08-20

Who is Qualitas?

Mexinsurance.com has written Qualitas insurance for 15 years now.  Quálitas is the Mexican Insurance Company who handles your claims in Mexico.  Of course, there are other insurance companies in Mexico that could underwrite our clients, but so far we have no reason to explore those.

Last week, Qualitas held their Annual Taller de Agentes (Agent Workshops) in Tijuana.  This year they treated us to a wine tour through the Valle de Guadalupe.  Just prior to the fun stuff, they tell us about changes over the past year and upcoming enhancement.  This year Qualitas was proud to announce that they now provide 25% of the Tourist Auto Insurance market.

Their success is leading to great strides in customer care.  Qualitas is now offering AVQ which is an enhanced Roadside offering.  As a result, we will launch as soon as it becomes available to all our clients with every policy!  The rates will not increase by more than 5%, but the program will have more value to clients than what is currently offered.  Qualitas also announced the launch of a mobile app for its domestic insurance market.

 Taller de Agentes Tijuana

Chuck Lundy with Hal Adreoli and Steve Guillen
Charles Lundy (mexinsurance.com) with Hal Adreoli and Steve Guillen (instant-mex-auto-insur.com)

The workshops were held at the Hotel Camino Real in Tijuana.

View from my room at Camino Real Tijuana
View from  Camino Real Tijuana

Paseo de Vendimia (Wine Tour)

The next morning Qualitas bussed us all through the Valle de Guadalupe for a tour of two wineries (El Cielo and LA Cetto).

En Route to Valle de Guadalupe

The first winery was El Cielo which was a beautiful little winery.

The second stop was at the LA CETTO, which is the largest in the region.  Also, a beautiful place to visit, the tour brought us up to a bull ring where they have annual parties and other private events.

After LA CETTO the bus took us to a massive private ranch up the hills of Ensenada that overlooks the valley.  The ranch is owned by a domestic insurance agent in Mexico of Qualitas.  Remarkably, they had 3 bands, the university orchestra, incredible dinner (Paella), dessert, and yes a lot of wine.   Unfortunately, by this point both the corporate ipad and iphone were dead.  So, there are no pictures of evening festivities.  You’ll have to take our word for it – the Qualitas agents throughout Mexico and in the US (Jim and James Lewis of Lewis and Lewis, and Hal Andreoli and Steve of Instant Mexico Auto, even our own Lundy of mexinsurance.com) are great people.  There were approximately 300 in attendance and it was very tranquil the entire day and on into the night.

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