Punta Perfecta

Located near the southern tip of Baja, in the region known as Baja Sur, Punta Perfecta is a little-known surfing spot that can provide hours of fun on the right day. The best time of year to find the so-called “right day” is summer when the south swells are the strongest. At most other times of the year, the waves aren’t strong enough to break before crashing into the beach.

Punta Perfecta is located within a minute’s drive of many top-quality surfing spots but is often overlooked – probably because it isn’t a very consistent spot. If you’re ever surfing at the other spots in the area (Nine Palms, Boca del Tule, Frailes), then you should definitely stop by to check Punta Perfecta out. If you’re lucky, the waves will be breaking and you’ll have them to yourself for one great day out of the water.

The name Punta Perfecta (Point Perfect) likely comes from the beach’s scenic beauty. It is comprised largely of white sand beaches, picturesque rocky outcrops, and cleaner and clearer water than almost anywhere in Mexico. Simply put, it is a very beautiful place. The natural beauty of the area attracts large crowds of beach-goers, but the waves (and you have to paddle pretty far out to get to the waves here) are largely open for surfing.

On its very best days Punta Perfecta throws forth waves of startling heights for an area with such dismal “everyday” waves. They can reach heights between head high (five feet) and double overhead high (ten feet). They are very powerful and fast, oftentimes tube-shaped. In addition, they are very glassy which makes for an extremely smooth ride.

The best way to reach Punta Perfecta is en route Cabo San Lucas. You simply drive south on the main road from Vinorama until you see the point of in the distance. There aren’t many signs marking the turnoff, so, if it is your first visit to the area, you should ask for directions at one of the many surf shops in Cabo – many of them will even give you a marked map to the spot.

Punta Perfecta is a great surf spot in Baja Sur. Its not consistent and the swells are best in the summer months but if you have a chance...

Remember to make sure that your schedule is flexible when you visit Punta Perfecta. On some days, the waves are great – on others, not so much. However, if they are lackluster, there are several other nearby Baja surfing spots and local attractions to keep you occupied. The only thing that you can really do is keep your fingers crossed and hope that the waves at Punta Perfecta are kicking when you’re ready to surf.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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