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Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Map
Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco Map – Click to Download your Copy

One of northern Mexico’s most popular travel destinations, the city of Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point as it is known in the U.S., is in easy driving distance from the border as travelers will see by consulting the Puerto Penasco map. Located in the Mexican state of Sonora, the city of Puerto Penasco is famous for its beaches and myriad attractions. For help with driving directions, check out the Puerto Penasco map which can also help travelers locate various sections of the city as well as the region, main thoroughfares and highways, and even natural or historic landmarks.

rocky point puerto peñasco map
Rocky Point – Puerto Peñasco Map

Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco Driving Directions

The trek from Phoenix, Arizona to Puerto Penasco takes roughly four hours—slightly less—and is worth it for many travelers who are eager to take a sunny drive to reach Puerto Penasco’s beautiful beaches on the Sea of Cortez. Using the Puerto Penasco map, travelers will see that the trip from Phoenix that is nearly a straight trek south to Puerto Penasco. Head out of Phoenix going west on I-10 and then head south on State Route 85. Stay on SR 85 and travel through Gila Bend as well as Ajo. Continue traveling on SR 85 all the way to the Arizonan border town of Lukeville. Cross into Sonoyta, Mexico traveling on the main road. Follow the signage for Puerto Penasco toward Highway 8. Take Highway 8 all the way to the town of Puerto Penasco. Once in town, there are many signs for specific resorts that can help drivers navigate their way. The Puerto Penasco map is also helpful for locating hotels or other locations around the city.

San Diego to Puerto Penasco Driving Directions

Travelers from San Diego, California should take I-8 East to Yuma. Drivers will see from the Puerto Penasco map that the drive to Yuma is a straight shot eastward. Heading through Yuma, continue on I-8 East through the town of Gila Bend. Head south at State Route 85 South all the way to Lukeville on the border. Then, cross into Sonoyta, Mexico. Follow the main route for about two miles and follow the signs for Puerto Penasco. Then, take Highway 8 south all the way to Puerto Penasco. Drivers may also follow signs leading to various resorts and hotels of Puerto Penasco.

Traveling around the City and Region

The Puerto Penasco map can help travelers locate natural attractions around the city as well as RV parks and even areas of campgrounds. As a popular vacation destination, Puerto Penasco boasts resorts, beautiful beaches, sport fishing, whale watching, kayaking, golf, hiking, camping, off-roading, and so much more. The map can help visitors to Puerto Penasco locate restaurants as well as various cultural venues. Consult the map when looking for specific addresses or traveling from Puerto Penasco to other northern Mexico destinations. Northern Mexico contains various biosphere reserves as well as historical sites that are of interest to eco-tourists and outdoor adventurists. For a memorable vacation, Puerto Penasco and its surrounding landscape is tough to beat!

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  1. […] As the nearest beach for Arizonans, this route is quite popular.  Using the Sonora map, travel north toward W. 19th Street and make a left on W. 19th Street.  Make a left on S Avenue A.  Make a right on W. 24th Street.  Go left on US-95 S/S Avenue B and continue following this road into Mexico.  Take a slight right on Route 1 and then turn left on Avenue Obregon.  Head onto San Luis Rio Colorado-Sonoyta / Sonoyta-San Luis Rio Colorado / Mexico 2.  Veer right onto Puerto Penasco-Sonoyta/Sonoyta-Puerto Penasco/Mexico 8 and continue following for about 56 miles.  Continue on this road until reaching Simon Morua and make a left.  Make a right on Juan de la Barrera and head into town.  Once in Puerto Penasco, reference the Rocky Point Map, or for street level detail the Puerto Penasco Street Map! […]

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