Discover Puebla Ciudad, Puebla

Puebla is the largest city and the capital of the Mexican state Puebla. It also has a very important history in terms of Spanish colonialism.

History of Puebla Ciudad

With the city dating back all the way to 1531, it predates almost
every city inside of the United States. Puebla became a city just 39 years after Christopher Columbus made his voyage to the “New World.”

Architecture of Puebla Ciudad

Architectural fans will enjoy the change in style throughout the ages and will fall in love with this city. The majority of pre-Spanish buildings are gone, destroyed in war. What remains buildings that feature both colonial Spanish and regional styles. The city also shows styles ranging from the Renaissance all the way to a period known as Mexican Baroque. Puebla is now a World Heritage Site and has been so since its inclusion back in 1987.


Business is a major driving force inside of the city now, as it has become one of the five most important and wealthiest cities in Mexico. So, from a business standpoint, it is an essential stop-over if you are looking for potential locations to launch a new branch of your company. Anyone attempting to attract new talent in Puebla will be aided by the amazing architecture. The symbolism here can be a true brand-builder.

Puebla is a World Heritage Site. You can see the evolution of architecture throughout the city.

The Cathedral of Puebla features European stylings from local materials. Construction began in 1575 and eventually saw its completion in 1649 (with additional features added to the building in 1678 and later in 1768).

Churches are very important to the city, with the Church of San Francisco showcasing the Mexican Baroque styling in the main section, yet a British colonial look along its sides.

Food in Puebla Ciudad

Of course, there is more to see and experience in Puebla than just architecture. In terms of food, the city has the best mole, which is a sauce by a dozen different ingredients. Mole has a robust and rich flavor (often offering a chocolate element within the sauce, although there are dozens of variations).

Whether visiting Puebla for business or for pleasure, there is so much to see and take in. From world-class food to incredible architecture, there’s always more here than meets the eye. The only issue you’ll likely have is not seeing it all in one visit.

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