Plan your Baja Surfing Trip

Are you headed to Baja Mexico for a surfing trip? Lucky you! It’s a wonderful place to spend a few days with your surfboard. It is an area that is filled with beautiful beaches, perfect waves, and friendly locals. However, like with any trip, there is packing involved – oh, that dreaded packing! Luckily though, packing for a Baja surfing trip doesn’t have to be a hassle.

There are three main areas to take into account when packing for your Baja surfing trip. They are travel essentials, surfing equipment, and other gear. It is also wise to note that you should try and pack light when you’re traveling to Baja. If you’re like a lot of other surfers, then you’ll want to experience a wide variety of surf spots. It is easy to do that when you aren’t lugging around a ton of stuff!

Travel Essentials

  • The most important part of packing for a trip to Baja is remembering all of your travel essentials. They include your identification (passport and driver’s license), tourist card (there are several options available), and Mexican Car Insurance (yeah, you can’t really pack
    insurance, but make sure that you get some – and the documents to go with it – before your trip). These documents will help you get through the border and help you get out of any trouble that you might find yourself in during your trip.
  • It is also necessary to pack some money for your surfing trip. Since Baja is located in Mexico, you will need to exchange your U.S. dollars for pesos. Don’t bring too much money though! Travelers with excessive amounts of cash attract the attention of criminals. It is usually best to bring a credit card (with a pin number) alongside a small amount of spending cash.
  • Packing clothing is obviously very important for any trip – including a surfing trip to Baja. To travel lightly, just pack the essentials. A few changes of shorts and shirts, and a warm jacket and long pants (it gets cold at night) is all that is really needed.
  • If you require any medications, then make sure to bring these along as well – obviously, they are important. It is also wise to bring along a small first aid kit to help with minor injuries and sicknesses. If you’ve been surfing before, then you know that having a good day on the waves means that you’ll have a few nicks, scrapes, and bruises when you retire.
  • Finally, a map is absolutely essential when you’re traveling in Baja Mexico. Good roadmaps of the area of easy to find. Buy a waterproof one just in case it gets wet.

Surfing Equipment

  • You can’t enjoy a Baja surfing trip without packing your actual surfing equipment (unless, you’re renting, of course)! Your surfboard and board bag are the first things that you should pack. Because of the varying conditions of spots in Baja, many surfers choose to bring more than one surfboard – a longboard, a shortboard, and a funboard are the most common choices. At the very least, most surfers bring a backup board just in case something goes wrong with their regular one. It really is a bummer to be on a great beach with a cracked board and no backup.
  • In addition to a few surfboards, bring plenty of wax, a wax comb, and leashes. Since most Baja surf spots are fairly remote, a ding kit is also handy to make minor repairs to your board.
  • Other surfing equipment to bring along on your Baja trip includes wetsuits (it can get cold), booties (many spots have sharp rocks), fins and a fin key, boardshorts, and sunscreen.

Other Gear

  • While you can definitely get along just fine with only travel essentials and surfing equipment, there are many other pieces of gear that can make your Baja surfing trip more enjoyable.
  • It is a very smart idea to pack a cellphone for your trip to Baja. Most U.S. carriers offer coverage or vacation coverage in Mexico. If yours doesn’t, then it is easy to find a pay-as-you-go phone once you’re in Mexico.
  • Other gear to consider packing for your trip includes electronics like cameras, laptop computers, iPods, and chargers, toiletries including toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant and shampoo, and camping equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, and flashlight. Really though, the options for other gear to pack are pretty much limited by how light you want to travel and what sort of objects you desire to bring with you.

It is very simple to pack for a surfing trip to the Baja Peninsula. The above lists and tips should give you a good idea of what to bring along for an enjoyable trip. Try to pack light, make sure that you don’t forget the essentials, and have one heck of a time!

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