Personal Property Coverage in Mexico

Personal Property Coverage in Mexico

Personal Property and Mexican Insurance

Does Mexican Car Insurance include Personal Property Coverage in Mexico? Let’s face it, when you plan a Mexican vacation, you will have a lot to pack. In addition to sunscreen, you’ll bring your $800 phone, your laptop, probably a camera or iPad device. You might even have a nice surfboard or GPS equipment. So, if those are stolen from your car – what happens?

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Personal Property Coverage

In Mexico, and in the United States even in Canada – your personal property coverage falls under a homeowner’s insurance policy. If you don’t have homeowners’ insurance, then it’s rental coverage. Alternative means of coverage for the personal property include credit card benefits. Some credit cards lure new customers with purchase protection that includes theft, loss or damage.

Before you decide to bring something to Mexico, if it’s valuable to you – make sure it’s covered. Check with the credit card company. If you recently bought the item, it might have coverage under the card company benefits. You can also check with your domestic insurance company (insurance company in your home state). This is important because some items, like jewelry, furs, paintings, and antiques must be listed separately in order for coverage to apply.

What is so beautiful about homeowners’ personal property protection is that it applies worldwide. No matter where you go, your belongings are safe as long as they are properly written on your homeowner’s or renters’ insurance policy.

Your Mexican Car Insurance Policy

No matter what, there is no personal property coverage under your Mexican Car Insurance policy. Please keep that in mind. In the event of car theft, the items within your car have no coverage under the policy. If the item is attached permanently to the car, coverage will apply. But the Garmen GPS unit? Not unless it’s a permanent fixture (like welded into your console).

Credit Card Coverage

You may not be out of luck even if your homeowner or renters does not cover your personal property, and you don’t have renters or homeowners insurance. Many credit card issuers provide some kind of travel insurance, including reimbursement for items stolen out of vehicles. Once again, it is important to contact your credit card issuer before you leave for your trip. You will want to know which card you want to use for paying for items.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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