Passport in Mexico: June 1, 2009 Deadline

The availability of new passport substitutes is (finally) here with the PASS card; you can apply for a passport card here. The PASS card and other potential passport substitutes will enable US citizens to cross land borders between Canada, Mexico, and the US without a traditional and more expensive passport. The passport card is cheaper than a passport; a high-tech driver’s license is also available in some states.

With a PASS card (highlighted in yello) you dont need passport book


The PASS card is a credit card-sized passport substitute available to all US citizens who are also eligible for passports. PASS stands for (People Access Security Service). It costs $45 (renewals $20 for adults over 16). For comparison, the passport book is $95.

Travelers can present the PASS card at any land and sea border between the US and Mexico and Canada. You will present it just as you do a passport book.

This card has been controversial in part because it contains chips using insecure RFID technology. Critics say can allow anybody with the right Radio Shack equipment to read the information stored on the chip. The government says it’s perfectly fine and that they have been working on that technology. The government assures us that none of our personal information is stored on your chip. Check out our passport page here.

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