Rosarito Off-Road

Baja California is world famous for its spectacular off-roading experiences.  Mountainous terrain coupled with seaside dunes make this area a playground for thrill seekers.  Situated near the U.S. border, Rosarito, in particular, attracts a great crowd of off-roading enthusiasts.  Just south of Tijuana, Rosarito is only thirty-five minutes from the border, making it popular for both overnights and day-trips.  With its Mediterranean-like climate and beautiful coast, Rosarito has much to offer visitors and with its challenging terrain, it’s a must-experience for off-roading fun!

Off-Roading in Rosarito

Renowned for its 4×4 exhibitions as well as its ATV experience.  Whether you go to Rosarito as a spectator or as a full-on adrenaline junkie, you’ll understand just why this place has gained ground as an off-roading wonderland.  The mountain trails offer a bumpy ride with terrain to match all skill levels.  There are off-roading tours into the mountainous area that are ideal for newcomers to the sport or for people who just like to ride in groups.  The Rosarito 200 has recently become a popular race for the off-roading community that continuously flocks to the Rosarito area and many people love to stay in Rosarito to attend the Baja 1000 off-roading race.  The Baja Dunes of Rosarito Beach have been said to resemble Sahara dunes; whatever they look like, they provide hours and hours of off-roading fun for people who like to hang out closer to the beach.

The Baja 1000

An internationally famed race, the Baja 1000 was first run from Tijuana.  It’s a course that changes from time to time, but typically ends in La Paz.  The course has also started from Mexicali and Ensenada and is usually raced in a loop.  Rosarito has become an ideal place to stay while attending the race.  The Baja 1000 was first raced in 1967.  It is unique in that it allows various classes of vehicles to race on the same track.  From motorcycles to dune buggies, this is a true pageant of off-roading marvels that draw crowds from all over the world.

Tips for Off-Roading

Mexican Car Insurance is a must in Mexico; fortunately, it is easy to purchase online or at the border before your trip.  As of the date of this post, we like Mex Insurance for it’s prices and technology.   It’s also always a good idea to go off-roading with at least one other person in case of an accident.  Drive only in areas that are designated for off-roading and be sure not to drive close to campsites or areas that contain people or livestock.  If you’re renting a vehicle or wish to take part in a tour, it’s always a good idea to make your reservation in advance.  Because the Tijuana area is so busy, it’s a good idea to leave early so you can avoid traffic on your drive to Rosarito.

More to Love about Rosarito

The city’s growing tourism industry is mainly situated on Benito Juarez Avenue.  Sprawling high-rise hotels offer luxury accommodations, but many visitors to Rosarito rave about stays in rented villas or condos.  There are also plenty of economical bed and breakfasts and travel lodges to find in the area.  Be sure to visit the renowned lobster village near Rosarito for fresh lobster.  Of course, Rosarito is filled with all types of restaurants with cuisine to please anyone’s taste.  Finally, don’t forget the water sport fun as well as off-roading fun.  Vibrant nightlife and beautiful scenery make Rosarito a great vacation destination.

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