Mexicali Off-Road

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Famous for its off-roading races in the desert, Mexicali has a reputation for rough riding filled with exhilaration and unforgettable desert treks.  The capital of Baja California, Mexicali is a Mexican border town filled with vibrant culture and thriving tourist industry.  Once a small town, Mexicali has grown to become a progressive city filled with lots of possibilities for fun in the sun.  Its proximity to the United States makes it a popular destination among the Southwest’s off-roading-enthusiasts who come to experience the local brand of ATV-adventure.

Off-Roading in Mexicali

There are some popular areas in or around Mexicali Baja that beckon off-roaders to experience.  Las Dunas is the picturesque sand dunes where ATVs, dune buggies, and motorbikes delight in the rugged terrain.  All-terrain vehicles dot this desert landscape and races are frequently held to test the prowess of the drivers.  The beautiful Mexicali Valley is a great place to race and may off-roading events are held here.  Off-roading over the desert trails around the town or the nearby Hardy River is popular as well.  San Felipe, the nearest beach, is also a great trek with plenty of great areas for off-roading excursions, too.

Tips for Off-Roading in Mexicali

Driving into Mexico requires Mexican car insurance.  Make arrangements to purchase your insurance before crossing the border; you can even purchase the needed insurance online before you leave.  Also, always plan to go off-roading with others.  Off-roading on your own is dangerous in the event of an accident.  Avoid driving your off-roading vehicle in camping areas or grounds where off-roading is not permitted.  By planning your trip and accommodations in advance, you’re likely to have a great off-roading experience.

Mexicali to San Felipe

Both Mexicali and San Felipe have great reputations for off-roading races and adventures.  If you want to take the drive to San Felipe, plan for roughly a two and a half-hour drive down Highway 5.  Recent road construction has involved a few detours and motorists are generally encouraged to drive during daylight hours since newly paved asphalt can be hard to see at night and in some stretches it can be difficult to find the shoulder of the road.  It’s a popular drive, however, and many travel the route to the northern beaches of the Sea of Cortez.

More to Love about Mexicali

As the capital of the state, Mexicali is filled with cultural attractions.  Revered for its clean atmosphere and palm-lined avenues, this town is far less touristy than many other border destinations in Mexico; it’s possible to get a true taste of an authentic Mexican city that is filled with educational facilities and cultural venues like museums and art galleries.  There are also plenty of other fun activities like fishing the Hardy River or enjoying live Mexican music in the squares.  Mexicali has a considerable international population, particularly a thriving Chinese presence; for this reason, it’s possible to enjoy many different types of cuisine if you can tear yourself away from the great regional dishes of northern Mexico.  All in all, Mexicali has a wide array of things to do and see for vacationers who visit to sample, above all else, the off-roading excitement!

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