Monterrey – Nuevo Leon

Discovering Monterrey, Mexico 

Whether you are traveling through Nuevo Leon or are looking for a potential location for a branch to your business. Monterrey, Mexico provides some nice options. As the capital of Nuevo Leon and the state’s largest city, it is the ninth-largest city in the entire country. However, it is only the third-largest metro area. Beyond this, the city is rather wealthy as well. Due in large part to the number of businesses it houses helping it become the ninth wealthiest city in all of Latin America. Monterrey also has the second highest GDP per capita in Latin America (the largest in Mexico). With all of the money flowing in through the business sector, it makes Monterrey, Mexico a very desirable location for business. 

Monterrey Map
Monterrey Map

Corporate Locations 

Dozens of different major companies hold offices inside of Monterrey. Some of the most powerful and influential companies include Toyota, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, General Electric and LG. Due to a large number of businesses found inside of the city, many people consider it to be the most Americanized city in all of Mexico. Even from nearly 100 miles from the United States border. 

Unique Mexican Food 

Monterrey is known for its cabrito, which is the marriage of a Mexican and Jewish style of food. Cabrito is a kid-goat made over embers and served with bread without yeast. Despite not having a Jewish community anymore (nowadays dominated by Roman Catholics), the combination of Mexican and Jewish food remains strong. 

Monterrey - Nuevo Leon
Monterrey Nuevo Leon

Sporting and Entertainment 

For the football (soccer) fan, the city provides two professional teams, both of which play inside of the Mexican league. The C.F. Monterrey and the Tigres UANL are two different teams that call the city home. The Tigres play at the local Estadio Universitario (University) while C.F. Monterrey plays at its own facility. 

While football is a passionate sport inside of Mexico baseball is the most popular sport here. So, if you are into baseball, the Sultanes de Monterrey is part of the Mexican Baseball League. As such, the Mexican Baseball League is a AAA team with potential professional talent on display.

Discovering Monterrey, Mexico 

Monterrey, Mexico is a unique destination, offering an assortment of entertainment and cultural services. It’s also a major business entry into Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Plan a visit, whether for business or for pleasure, there is much to enjoy in this world-class city.® – providing quality Mexican Car Insurance online since 2003