Nogales Sonora

Nogales is along the northern border of the state of Sonora and is a part of the Municipality of Nogales. One of the coolest parts about the city is that it’s right on the U.S.-Mexico border, with the city of Nogales, Arizona, located a short distance to the north.

Border Fence at Guaymas


While some cities have an illustrious history that stretches back hundreds of years, this one is newer than most. The Nogales Municipality became official in July of 1884, but there wasn’t an official city until 1920.

That’s not to say Nogales doesn’t have a storied history. It played an interesting role in the Mexican Revolution began in 1910. A gunfight broke out in the city when a Mexican civilian tried crossing the border back into Mexico without speaking with U.S. customs. They built the first border wall because of that fight.


Since it’s right on the U.S.-Mexico border, the climate is hot and dry and the geography is relatively similar to that of the desert. The city’s location right near the U.S.-Mexico border also means that you won’t find any beaches in here. Despite this, the hot, dry climate and mountains around Nogales make it a beautiful city.

Things to See and Do in Nogales

For some people, this is simply the city you pass through when entering Mexico. For others, it’s the introduction to Mexican culture and a hot spot for tourism. The city is home to lots of great bars, clubs and restaurants for tourists to enjoy. In addition to that, you can find numerous small stores that sell handcrafted items from the more central parts of Mexico.

Since Nogales mainly serves as the introduction for Americans coming into Mexico, it is a pass-through point to Puerto Peñasco and Guaymas.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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