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We just sent out an email about our Proof of Insurance cards containing incorrect Claims Hotline.  In addition to the email, we also had send out updated documents to all active policyholders.  You can login to your account and view/update/download and re-print your documents at any time but we wanted to make sure you received the message loud-and-clear so we are also mailing to your inbox.

If you have an active policy you should expect any moment an email from the website with three documents:

  1. Declarations Page (proof of coverage with limits, insured and vehicle details)
  2. Proof of Insurance cards (for putting in your wallet, purse of visor)
  3. How to File a Claim (step-by-step instructions for what to do in the event of accident or loss)

If you have any questions, or need further assistance we are leaving our LiveChat and telephone center open 2 additional hours this evening until 7pm pst.

I regret any confusion or frustration that this has caused.



Charles Lundy

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