Can I Insure My Motorcycle to Drive to Mexico?

Motorcycle in Mexico
Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

Yes, in fact it’s the law. Whether you’re driving a sedan, pickup truck or motorcycle to Mexico, you need Mexican auto insurance to drive legally in the country. Many U.S. motorists don’t realize that their comprehensive U.S.-based insurance policy will not cover them when driving in Mexico. In fact, proof of American insurance means nothing to Mexican authorities. If you are involved in a car accident and do not have Mexico motorcycle insurance you can be arrested. Fortunately, drivers and riders alike, have lots of flexibility with

Driving a Motorcycle in Mexico 

In many ways, Mexico offers motorcycle riders idyllic landscapes for riding. If you’re heading down the Baja coast, you’ll have a pristine coastline and vibrant cities to look forward to visiting. Before you start your motorcycle road trip, you’ll want to obtain Mexican auto insurance for motorcycle coverage. It’s best to obtain a policy while you’re still home in the U.S. Otherwise if you wait until the border you will pay 3x the price for worse coverage.

What Types of Mexican Motorcycle Coverage Do I Need? 

Our agents can help you select policy coverage that suits your needs. It helps to know how long you plan to be in Mexico. You can also add theft coverage to your Mexican auto policy–which is a good idea. Motorcycle riders love because all policies come with Roadside Assistance in Mexico.

What to Keep in Mind When Riding in Mexico 

Depending on where you are traveling, Mexico features well-maintained highways and roadways, particularly those frequented by travelers. If you’re heading off-road you might encounter rough roads. Be sure to carry water with you and a charged cell phone in case you need to call for assistance. Also, always travel with your valid driver’s license and passport. It’s also important to have cash (pesos) as many roadside gas stations and tolls only accept cash payments.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with options and the helpful information they need about their Mexico auto insurance. You can expect to have an amazing motorcycle road trip in Mexico, but don’t forget to get your Mexican motorcycle insurance before leaving the U.S.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance for Motorcycles online since 2003.

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