Monarch Butterfly Migration

Every year over 500,000 monarch Butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico. It’s a four-generation journey and no single butterfly survives the round trip. This Monarch Migration is one of the great wonders of the universe.

The lifeblood of Monarch Migration: Weed

The Monarch nourishes their journey with Milkweed. Without milkweed, the larva would not be able to develop into a butterfly. Monarchs use a variety of milkweeds. An effective way to counter the eradication of the milkweed plant.

Milkweeds are listed in some states and provinces as poisonous weeds. The milkweed can make cattle and other livestock sick. Because Milkweed is considered poisonous by many places, people kill it, pull it, do whatever they can to make sure it doesn’t return. So this, is what threatens the glorious Monarch.

How to Help The Monarch Migration

If you want to help the Monarch continue its journey and allow it to flourish from Canada to Mexico, you can plant various species of milkweed in your yard. Just remember, it is poisonous so don’t plant these where kids play:

  • Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa)
  • Asclepias Asperula (Antelope Horns)
  • Asclepias Curassavica (Mexican Butterfly Weed)
  • Blood-flower or Scarlet Milkweed.

The illegal deforestation by poachers in Mexico is a direct threat to the Monarch migration habitat as well.

If you plan to help the Monarch by planting the weed in your yard, or perhaps by driving to Mexico to assist in delivery or receipt by intercepting poachers. Make sure to have Mexican Car Insurance. We can quite easily protect you, as you protect the Monarch.

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