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Adding a towed unit to your vehicle?  It is extremely important, even if you do not care about covering the unit on the policy to add it to your mexinsurance.  Adding weight to your vehicle’s hitch changes the dynamic of it, and for insurance purposes critical that you list it. For example, if you cause an accident because you were towing 5,000 pounds of bricks and the trailer pushed you right through the stop sign and into a lizard. You crush the lizard, and who knows what it’s life is worth from a monetary stand-point but if you file a claim, and that trailer is not listed on your policy then this claim will be denied.

It is wise, even if you think you may only tow once or twice to have this “towed unit” added.

Modify Existing Mexinsurance Policy

1.  There are two ways to arrive at the Policy Modify screen.  Either 1 from the Client Dashboard below: Client Dashboard

Or from the Policy page in the Mexinsurance Client Portal as seen here:

mexinsurance policy edit

2.  When you click the icon to Manage Policy you will arrive here:  

Manage Mexinsurance

3.  In the Manage Policy page you have many options for your mexinsurance but here you want to click Edit to edit the policy.  When you click the Edit button as shown above you will be brought back to the application, with all value filled in from the existing policy and you will be able to make changes, as shown below:

edit mexinsurance policy

4.  Click the Green Next Step button at the bottom for coverage until you arrive at the Vehicle Tab.  You will see the area for towed units as circled in Red above..  Click the drop down and complete your Towed Units addition.  In this example, my policy is already 2 months old and my brother convinced me to tow his Razor.  So I cannot make any rated changes to the policy which means I can only list the items, and no value as shown below:

towing with mexinsurance

towing with mexinsurance

You can list the trailer and up to 3 additional ATV’s per towing vehicle.  Keep in mind, like in my case above my brother’s Razor is street legal, so as soon as it detaches from the trailer it needs it’s own Mexican Insurance.  See the article adding vehicles to your account to add the vehicle and then cover it separately.

5.  Once you complete the changes, click the green Next Step Button in the bottom left corner all the way through the rest of the process until you get to the agreements.  The agreements ask you to validate your changes as shown here:

Complete the MexInsurance Changes

mexinsurance drivers

Optional Details

This page above is all optional details you can skip through by clicking Next Step

mexinsurance validate

Validate the changes (above)

edit mexinsurance policy

6..  Make sure to download and print the New Declaration page (above) and keep a copy in the glove box of the towing vehicle.

new mexinsurance policy

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