Estero Beach Volleyball

June 22-23, 2013

Renowned as the biggest summer volleyball event in all of Mexico, the Mexico International Volleyball Tournament (formerly known as the Estero Beach Volleyball Tournament) will be held June 22-23, 2013 in Rosarito Beach. Rosarito’s summer tournament attracts some of the best beach volleyball players in the world. In fact, it’s been called the biggest beach volleyball tournament on the planet. While both amateur and professional players flock to Rosarito in the scenic state of Baja California, fans of the sport also travel to the city’s sunny beaches to enjoy watching the fantastic gameplay.

Estero Beach Volleyball

This famous tournament began back in 1974 in Estero Beach (Ensenada) and has grown to become the international beach volleyball event of the year! The festive atmosphere attracts throngs to the beach to enjoy the hot playing under the Baja Californian sun with the Pacific waves rolling in. The tournament is a blind tournament; that is, each player registers and is paired with a partner. Partner requests are nearly always denied. Moreover, the tournament is weighted. In a weighted tournament, an unrated player is paired with a rated player to even the playing field. Once paired, in men and women’s divisions, the round-robin style match-ups begin until. While it’s a great feat for pairs to win their pools (a group of approximately six teams), it’s really the finals that generate the biggest crowds and the most riveting gameplay!

Estero Beach Volleyball 2

Winners have the honor of having their names attached to the perpetual tournament trophy which is displayed each summer during the tournament. Other prizes are also awarded. The winning team also wins free lodging for the following summer’s tournament! Of course, just getting to the finals is a major accomplishment given the competitive nature of the event and the talent it attracts from near and far.

Beach Party Fun

With so much sun, and sea-loving people on the beach, there’s a real air of festive fun in Rosarito. The day’s matches are celebrated in the bars and clubs of this popular tourist destination. Moreover, there’s considerable anticipation for the Sunday finals, so the nightlife is truly alive with excitement and anticipation. Rosarito is well-known for its dance clubs and bars as well as its great restaurants and hotels. The volleyball tournament may attract a myriad of fans to the sands, but the rest of the town really knows how to show visitors a good time!

Mexico International Volleyball Tournament 2

So Much to Do in Rosarito

Vendors will be out in full force so no one will starve for food or drink near the beaches. However, the city itself is filled with cafes and restaurants serving delicious Baja fare. Many vacationers enjoy Rosarito for weekend getaways since it is so close to the U.S. border. There are hotels for every price range and also many other activities to enjoy at the beaches like scuba, sailing, surfing, and more. Others love the off-roading experience Rosarito affords. Whatever attracts you to this stunning Mexican coastal city—volleyball, beaches, nightlife—it’s not likely to disappoint you during this extraordinary summer event!

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