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I get a lot of calls from folks inquiring about insurance on a Mexican rental car. Unfortunately, we, or any of the other surplus lines brokers in the States, cannot offer coverage on a Mexico-plated vehicle.

If the rental has U.S. registration and is being taken into Mexico then yes, we can offer coverage in that case!

Mexico Insurance on Mexican Rentals $

I understand it is expensive to buy directly from the Mexican agency, but there is no alternative (for the Liability). Your credit card company may offer Collision and Theft, however they cannot cover Liability. Liability is the portion that must come from a Mexican company. This is also the part of the policy that is mandate from the Mexican federal governemnt.

If you are taking an American rental (or non-Mexican registered)  into Mexico, we have Complete and Liability plans. Here is a how-to video on how to purchase on a car that you do not have information on yet.

How To Purchase Rental Car Insurance for Mexico

It will satisfy the agency that you have insurance for their vehicle. Once you get the VIN and license plate, make, year, model, go back to edit your policy online. Our system will allow you to make those changes online post-purchase. Then re-print your documents!

Aside from the insurance, make sure to have a permission letter from the lien holder. In this case lienholder is the rental agency. All rental agreements have in fine print that you can’t take care out of the country without their permission.

In summary, you cannot purchase Mexico insurance on a Mexican Rental car from a U.S. broker. You will need to purchase it from the rental agency as they have a blanket policy on their fleet. Hope this info and these links are helpful! It is my most frequently asked question over the phone so I know the information needs sharing. Please let me know if you have tidbits we can pass along …

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Mary McAleese® offers Mexico Insurance for U.S. cars, trucks, RVs and motorcycles in Mexico.

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