Do I Need Mexico Insurance?

You may ask yourself, ‘Do I need Mexico insurance?’ before you cross the border. You may think, my car’s only worth $5,000 … I think I’ll “chance” it… save a few dollars. Bad decision.

In Mexico, they have what we call “Napoleonic Law” – which means you’re guilty until proven innocent. Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike in the U.S. where you are innocent until proven guilty … you are automatically sent to jail and your car is impounded in Mexico if you cannot prove financial responsibility for loss or damage to someone’s property or automobile. By financial responsibility, you have to have cash, a bond or good old Mexico Insurance.

The message here, at the very least have Liability Only insurance. Your car may or not be covered by your own domestic insurance company (check with them before you go), but your insurance is not recognized in Mexico for damages to another vehicle or its occupants. You must have Mexico insurance!

However, especially if your car is over $5000, you will want to get Complete coverage to protect you from collision losses or total theft of your car.

It’s easier now than ever! No more stopping by a crowded, intimidating, confusing border stop. You can buy it from your own home. Our website is – we have lower rates than most, and friendly customer service if you have trouble navigating the website on your first visit. There are also how-to videos that we put together, and we complement that with a LiveChat agent who can assist you instantly.

Either from Mexico Insurance Services, or somewhere else, get your insurance! It’s not longer acceptable to cross even a few feet into Mexico without it. I know, I know… we always used to. Those were the days.

Take care, and drive safely.

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