Mexico: Before You Go

Before you go to Mexico, make sure you have the following in order

Passport card of USA covered by American Flag next to US international passport on burlap surface.
Passport card of USA covered by American Flag next to US international passport on burlap surface.

Passport or Passport Card

U.S. or Canadian Passport or Passport Card. Since 2009 it is a requirement for re-entry into the united state. See this article here for Obtaining a Passport.

Form I-551 “Green Card”

If you are not a U.S. Resident, then make sure you pack your “Green Card” or Form I-551. This is the document for Legal Permanent Resident in the U.S. Failure to present Form I-551 or document for lawful permanent residents could result in a $545 waiver fee.

Traveling with Minors without their Parents

Notarized travel permission letters for minors traveling without their parents

Before You Go to Mexico with Medication

Only the medication that you need for your trip and in its original container.

Personal Belongings

New Electronics, Jewelry or other Valuables

Form 4457 is a fillable PDF that allows you to document your personal effects taken abroad. It will be stamped by a CBP officer prior to crossing south. Only suggested if traveling with recently purchased goods. Not necessary for goods more than 6 months old.

Also, for valuables, you should have receipts and/or appraisals in hand. This will also be needed if you lose your items and need to file a personal property claim on your homeowner’s insurance.

Mexico Dog
Dog in Mexico

Before You Go To Mexico…with your Dog

Proof of Rabies vaccinations for your dog if they are traveling with you. Here is an article that addresses travel requirements for bringing your dog into mexico.

Drivers License

Valid driver’s license. You need to have your drivers license if you’re driving in Mexico. As long as your license is valid, it doesn’t matter where it’s from. You can also get an internation drivers license if you’re feeling ambitious.


If you’re driving your own vehicle make sure to plan for Mexico Car Insurance, “mex insurance”. Your U.S. insurance might extend the risks for damage to your car, but the damage you cause to a third party must come from a company from Mexico.® offers quality Mexican Auto Insurance since 2003. Click here for a quick quote.

Bonus Ideas

  • An envelope to put all your receipts from the trip
  • Cell phone battery pack (roaming drains the battery)
  • Car Charger for the phone/devices
  • Extra Cash and Credit Cards

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