Mexico Beach Safety

There is a culture in Baja and Southern California where families take their quads, dirt toys, surfboard down the coast, and camp on the coast. The air is good, the culture is warm and the weather is almost always perfect. In this type of setting, you hate to hear horror stories but one of our clients reminded us of something important. There are no lifeguards on the beaches. You have to take your own initiative to be safe on Mexico’s beaches.

True Story on Mexico Beach Safety

The beaches of Baja California are as beautiful as they are dangerous. After a day of riding, my son and my nephew decided to wash off the dust with a dip into the beach and waves. In a matter of seconds, they were both caught in a very bad rip current and were fighting for their lives. With NO LIFEGUARDS you are on your own!! Luckily we were able to use our surfboards and pull them out after 15 minutes of sheer panic. My brother-in-law’s cool demeanor and quick thinking enabled us to use teamwork and coordinate between four of us and the use of a perfect game plan. I say “perfect” because they were both saved. Once on the beach, he started to hear all the horror stories about the tragedies of families losing loved ones up and down the Mexican coastline. Many of the beaches are without live guards or warning signs. So please keep an eye on your children and make sure you have a floatation device with fins handy. Or better yet, stay very close to shore and enjoy making sandcastles.

-Ralph – client since 2007

The story shared by this client is eye-opening. Without lifeguards, we must practice Mexico Beach Safety as we swim at our own risk. Keep your head straight and remember some of our other helpful tips when vacationing in Mexico:

  • Never Drink and Drive
  • Dont Drive at Night
  • Dont’ drink and go in the ocean
  • Be respectful of the local culture
  • Obey traffic laws, (60 km/hr = 37 mph)

Even with your trusted mexinsurance policy, things like drinking and driving can nullify a claim. Please be lawful and respectful and have fun!!!

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