Mexican Vehicle Theft Report 2017

The results are in!  The Mexican Insurance Industry automobile theft report from March 2016 to February 2017 just provided the reports and we’ve had a chance to go through them.  The numbers are on the rise in many parts of Mexico.  Especially carjacking in the South and Southeastern parts of Mexico.  These Insured Mexican Vehicle Theft reports are in spanish so we summarize these for you in english in different categories:

Overall Insured Vehicle Theft in Mexico
States Ranked by Insured Auto Theft in Mexico
The Favorite Vehicles to Steal
Carjacking of Insured Vehicles in Mexico

Overall Mexican Insured Vehicle Theft in Mexico:

The table below shows that Mexican Insured Vehicle Theft from Feb 2016 to March 2017 have increased.  This shows 30% increase in theft across the country:

Mexican Insurance - Theft Report Overall
Theft Report Overall increase 30%
Mexican Insurance - Vehicle Theft Summary
Mexican Insurance – Vehicle Theft Summary

Tops Areas/Cities to have Vehicle Stolen in Mexico

The States in Mexico with the Most Insured Vehicle Auto Theft Report
11 of 32 States account for 80% of vehicle theft in Mexico

And Baja North is the 12th most targeted state by thieves in Mexico, with vehicle thefts increasing 30% since 2015. Theft Report
Baja has the 12th most insured vehicle thefts in 2016, up 30%

State Theft Rankings

If you are driving into one of those top states be aware of this list…the top 15 towns or colonies within those states where the insured vehicles are being reported stolen. Mexican Insurance
The top 15 cities or colonies for vehicle theft in Mexico

Here you will find the rankings by State for vehicle theft.  It’s nice to see Baja Sur last of the 32 states.  A little concerning that Baja North is 12th since it is part of the Limited Territory plan.  Also nice to see Sonora down at #18. theft reports
Mexican States ranked by Automobile Theft

Now that we’ve seen where the thieves are stealing vehicles, let’s take a closer look at what it is they are stealing.

Most Stolen Vehicles

2016 Stolen Vehicles
The Most Popular Stolen Vehicles in Mexico 2016 theft reports in mexico
Top vehicles sub-classes stolen in 2016

Here are the hard numbers by vehicle within their vehicles class, Make and Model of Mexican Vehicle Thefts in 2016

Make and Model of Insured Vehicles by Class Stolen in Mexico 2016

Most tourist will pay highest attention to these numbers and reports below.  Whenever a vehicle is stolen at gunpoint, or by force or threat of violence (what we refer to as “carjacking”) it is reported as a violent theft in Mexico.  Here are the numbers below of violent thefts  and notice the majority are in just a handful of states.

Carjacking in Mexico

Mexico Vehicle Theft Report
Carjacking in Mexico

You can see from the graphic below that carjacking in Mexico, with the exception of Sinaloa, is most common in the South and Southeastern part of Mexico.  In fact, these reports suggest that 80% of all Mexican Vehicle Thefts by Violence, “carjackings” happen in these 9 states:

Mexico car theft by violence
Carjacking is on the rise in Mexico
Carjacking in Mexico - 80% in these 9 states
80% of Carjacking in Mexico takes place in these 9 states

Credit and thanks for data and report to AMIS (Asociacion Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros)

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