FMM Tourist Cards

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FMM Tourist Card Mexico

What is a Mexican Tourist Card?

  • The FMM is a document that is issued by the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INAMI)
  • The FMM is also called a “Tourist Card” or “Visa”
  • It is a vacation card (for stays more than 72 hours, and beyond the border areas)
  • It is valid for up to 180 days
  • It costs approximately $20 per person
  • *Keep the FMM Tourist Card safe, and record the document number in case you lose it (or take a photo of it with your phone)
FMM Tourist Card

FMM Tourist Card

How do I get the FMM Tourist Card?

  • Immediately as you cross the border you will see an office for SAT or INM.
  • Park your vehicle, go into the office, fill the form ($20-$25)
  • You will need to pay for the FMM Tourist Card at the Banorte or Banamex which will have an office very close
  • Return to INM office to have your entrance stamped
  • The FMM Tourist Card is not available online at this time

Who Needs the FMM Tourist Card?

  • Any tourist to Mexico traveling to the interior of Mexico, or staying longer than 72 hours in Mexico
  • All tourists including children need a tourist card

When to get the FMM Tourist Card and When to Return it?

  • As soon as you cross the border, stop and get your tourist card (FMM)
  • When you return to the border after your vacation, the instructions tell you to return the FMM to the immigration office (INM).  If you are vacationing in Baja returning the FMM is not necessary at this time

Why to get the FMM Tourist Card?

  • It is a federal requirement in Mexico to have tourists properly documented as they enter and exit the country
  • Some states in Mexico have shown great flexibility with the FMM Tourist Card (Baja in Particular)

Where to get the FMM Tourist Card?

  • Immediately as your cross the border you will see immigration offices, look for “Imigracion” or “INM” or “SAT”
  • The immigration office in Mexico works closely with the banks – so you will also see Banorte or Banamex – these banks are where you pay for your FMM Tourist Card

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4 Replies to "FMM Tourist Cards"

Garrett Seibert

I recently traveled to huatulco, mx. Forgot to return the FMM tourist card before crossing border back into San Diego. What should I do?

Sep 22, 2015 at 11:16:36 am


    The best thing to do is contact the closest Mexican consulate for advise on what they want you to do. They will most likely ask you to send it back. Make sure you address this though or it may cause delays the next time you file for the permit. The Mexican Consulate in San Diego in San Diego is here:

    Sep 23, 2015 at 12:43:03 pm

Boyden Ralph

Hi – As of right now (09/28/15), do they enforce FMM cards for pedestrians at Otay Mesa ? Thanks.

Sep 28, 2015 at 18:42:31 pm


    No, they don’t.

    Oct 02, 2015 at 09:10:49 am

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