Mexico Road Trip: Remember Auto Insurance

Mexico Road Trip

Are Mexico’s beaches calling you? Are you thinking about taking a Mexican Road Trip to fun Baja destinations like San Felipe or Ensenada? Before you cross the border be sure to apply for Mexico car insurance while you’re still in the states. You need Mexican auto insurance to drive legally across the border; U.S. policy’s will not be recognized by Mexican authorities. By applying online with us, you can get a better deal and ensure that you have everything you want in a good policy.

Vehicle Collision 

Accidents can happen anywhere–even when you’re having a great time in Mexico. Whether you have a minor collision or major wreck, your policy should have collision protection. If you drive in Mexico without collision protection, you’re taking a big risk. Mexican authorities will expect you to have Mexico auto insurance or proof that you can pay for all repairs. Collision is an important element to be included with your premium for Mexican car insurance.


Remember to add theft protection to your Mexico auto insurance policy. Car thefts can happen anywhere, which is why you need good protection. We can pay you or your car financing company if your car gets stolen and you have coverage for stolen property. Theft protection is important no matter where you go–in the U.S. or Mexico.


Liability is an essential aspect of any auto insurance policy. We provide drivers with 3rd party liability up to $1,000,000 USD. Our minimum is $150,000 USD. Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough coverage, you’ll need to pay the difference yourself. The more liability you have, the more protection you have too.

Medical Coverage 

When you get a Mexican auto insurance policy from us, you’ll have medical coverage included. We can help you decide how much to carry if you’re unsure. Our medical coverage includes medical payments for you and passengers in your vehicle. We provide standard coverage as well as upgrades should you opt for an increase.

Roadside Assistance 

Consider adding roadside assistance to your Mexican auto insurance coverage. While you’re on an open stretch of road, you’ll be grateful for this added protection. Also, with roadside assistance you can call from the road when you need a tow truck and ride. Talk to us about this important policy option.

All Mexican Car Insurance Policies from include Roadside Assistance

So, if you wait to get your Mexican auto insurance for your Mexican Road Trip, you’ll pay a lot more than if you apply online from the U.S. We can answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have about your auto insurance policy.

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