Mexican Navy Says It Will Check U.S. Boats

It’s a good thing: the Mexican Navy is checking U.S. boats in their waters.

Arturo Martinez, deputy director of visitor assistance for the state tourism office of Baja California, said that the enforcement is an effort by the Mexican navy to deter drug smuggling operations.–Boats

“Mexican immigration law requires that all persons bring with them their valid passport or passport card — not only to come into Mexico, but for returns to the U.S.,” Martinez said.

Seems nothing is completely understood: the boat captains must have a boat permit (or not), the fishermen must have licenses (not required for shore fishing?) and they must have passports (but that wasn’t official until the recent inspections) … to be safe have it all!

They have been lax in the past, but now with the upsurge of coastal water smuggling from Mexico to the U.S. (drugs) and from the U.S. to Mexico (guns) they now must inspect the sunburned anglers who are just lookin’ to take a great picture with his catch of the day to support his “story” 🙂

Not too much of a biggy for those who are prepared. But for those who were caught off-guard and sent home or delayed, kind of a biggy 🙁 There is an unsubstantiated report of one of the fishing boats being “rammed” by the Mexican Navy vessel, but I’m not gettin’ into that!

No, no. My only intention here is to grab the attention of someone who might share the information with someone else, and in turn they will share it … you never know! Someone might must be spared the grief by tucking that passport into their tackle box along with the best bait ever to catch the elusive tuna or ?

A great website, but not clear on the need for a passport, or even a boat permit, though:


Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission

<borrowed this pic from Wikipedia>

I say show your documents! If they require us to have passports, get a passport 🙂 Friendly cooperation between nations is just that … friendly.

A little inconvenience is worth it if it helps eliminate bad elements. Would be nice if the regulations were regulated, however.


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