Mexican Navy Fishing Inspections

As of July 1, 2011, the Mexican Navy will inspect fishing boats in their waters.

July 2004 with Israel

Arturo Martinez, deputy director of visitor assistance for the state tourism office of Baja California, said that the enforcement is an effort by the Mexican navy to deter drug smuggling operations.

“Mexican immigration law requires that all persons bring with them their valid passport or passport card — not only to come into Mexico, but for returns to the U.S.,” Martinez said.

The Mexican Navy fishing inspection will look for the following:

The Mexican Navy has been lax in the past with regard to fishing vessels. But now with the upsurge of coastal water smuggling from Mexico to the U.S. they now must inspect all fishing boats. And, what they find are the sunburned anglers who are just lookin’ to take a great picture with his catch of the day to support his/her “story”. 🙂

This is not a big deal for those with preparation. But if you forget, it can be a headache.

So prepare for Mexican Navy Fishing Boat inspection, have the following in hand:

Boat Captain will also need to make sure his paperwork is in order so please check with your captain for the rest.

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