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Should I Buy Mexican Car Insurance at the Border?

Some people still prefer to buy cars, groceries, or clothing in person. Online shopping has its conveniences, but they still like to get out in the world to do their shopping. When it comes to Mexican car insurance, you can cross the border and visit an insurance agent to procure your policy, but how long do you plan to peruse your options in their office? Do you mind paying a premium rate because you purchased your car insurance at the border? The truth is, there are some very good reasons why you don’t want to buy Mexican car insurance at the border.

Mexican auto insurance

First–you can’t drive in Mexico without Mexican auto insurance. Well, you can, but you’re risking jail time if you get into a collision and can’t produce valid insurance. Mexico doesn’t recognize your U.S. car insurance no matter how much coverage it affords. To drive legally anywhere in Mexico, you must have at least basic Mexican auto insurance from a Mexican Insurance Company.

Don’t Buy Mexican Car Insurance at the Border: Save Money

One of the best reasons to shop online for Mexico car insurance is cost savings. When you cross the border, agents know perfectly well you don’t want to take time to insurance shop. If you’re traveling on business, you have a business to attend to. If you’re on vacation, do you really want to spend more than 15
minutes in an insurance office? They understand that travelers are in a hurry and they can charge a premium rate to accommodate them. Instead, shop for mexinsurance at home and you can save substantially. Some estimates suggest that you can save half as much online than if you wait to purchase your mexican car insurance at the border.

Dont stop at the border to purchase mexican car insurance
Tijuana Border Crossing


By shopping online, you can take time to reflect on the coverage you need. You might wonder, “do I really want to pay extra for $1,000,000 liability in Mexico? Is that much coverage really necessary in a place where police earn $3,000/year?” As you contemplate, you can wander into some chatrooms or forums where Mexican insurance is discussed and learn that, yes, yes you really do want to pay a bit extra for roadside assistance! In fact, you can discuss policy options with insurance providers and in chat sessions with other travelers in order to arrive at the ideal coverage for you.

The fact is, when you buy online, you can take your time and weigh all of your options and prices to ensure that you get the right product. If you have questions when ordering your Mexican Car Insurance from us, we can provide you with all the information you need so that you get the ideal policy for your trip.

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