Mexican Insurance Coverage Summary

Mexican Insurance Coverage Summary

Roadside Assistance included

Summary of Mexican Insurance Coverage through Qualitas specifically for Typically, Mexican Insurance consists of five different coverage items.

Mexican Car Accident
Complete Coverage includes Damage to YOUR vehicle

1 – Physical Damage to Your Car. Also known as “Collision”

Purchase Complete Coverage policy and you get these first two coverages with the policy

A) Collision, turnover and plate glass – Loss or material damage that the
insured automobile may suffer as a result of a collision, turnover, and plate glass breakage are covered by this item a) shall be paid by the Company only in excess of the deductible mentioned on the face of the policy and for which the Insured shall always be liable for the amount of the deductible. The before mentioned the deductible shall be applied to each accident that is to be indemnified in accordance with the terms and conditions of this section.

B) Transportation. Material damage to the insured vehicle caused by
grounding, sinking, fire, explosion, collision, turnover or derailment of the means of transportation used when being transported by land, air or water, as well as by the insured vehicle falling into the sea during loading, unloading maneuvers or transshipment, including the contribution of the Insured to general or particular average, including the salvage charges for which the Insured may be held liable.

  • An uninsured motorist hits you and causes damage to your car. This coverage is for the damage to YOUR CAR/Truck/RV/Motorcycle. The company will use the value you enter for “Vehicle Value” on the form, and the industry-standard “Actual Cash Value” to determine the payout.  Deductibles.
  • No matter who is at fault, if you get into an accident this coverage includes damage to YOUR CAR. (subject to Mexican Insurance Terms and Conditions). Mexico is a no-fault country, so the term “uninsured motorist” doesn’t really exist in sales of insurance. 70% of the drivers in Mexico do not have insurance, so you can expect to be hit by an uninsured motorist. This is why you buy insurance.
  • If you are on the Baja Ferry and your car falls off and sinks, under paragraph B (Transportation) your tourist auto policy coverage will apply.
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Mexican Insurance Complete Coverage includes Total Theft of vehicle

2 – If your vehicle disappears also known as “Total Theft” and “Other Than Collision”.

Risk 2 is also part of the Complete Coverage policy at Although it sounds self-explanatory we list an example below:

a) Total Theft of the Vehicle – Total theft of the insured vehicle, as well as
the loss or damage that may occur as a result of such total loss.

b) Fire, Lightning and/or Explosion. – Material damage that the vehicle may suffer as a consequence of fire, lightning and/or explosion.

c) Strikes and Civil Commotion – Material damage that the vehicle may
suffer by the acts of third parties involved in work stoppages, strikes, labor
disturbances, political meetings, mutiny or popular uprisings; or by malicious mischief committed during the time such acts are being carried out; or material damage caused by measures of suppression taken by legally constituted Authorities in the performance of their duties. Damage resulting from vandalism is excluded.

d) Natural phenomena – Material damage that the insured vehicle may suffer as a result of cyclone, hurricane, hail, earthquake or volcanic eruption, avalanches, flood (caused by the overflow of rivers, lakes or inlets, with the exception of saltwater), land or rock slides, the fall or collapse of constructions, buildings, structures or other similar objects, including falling trees and branches.


  • Your car, truck, RV or motorcycle disappears. This coverage will compensate you or car finance company or rental company for the loss. The insurance company will use a combination of “Actual Cash Value” and the amount you submit for “Vehicle Value” on the quotation form in determining payment.*
Third Party Liability Damage - Caused by You
The damage you Cause to Someone Else Falls Under 3rd Party Liability

3 – Damage you cause to someone else’s property, also known as “3rd Party Liability”

When you hear the word “Liability” in a discussion about Mexican insurance – this refers to how much damage you can do and have the company pay for it.

If you have $150,000 USD coverage then you can cause that much damage and not be personally liable. However, if you cause $1,000,000 USD in damage to someone but only have $300,000 USD liability coverage then you may be responsible for the difference.

We offer up to $1,000,000 USD in Liability. Our minimum is $150,000 USD. All figures are in US Dollars

Mexican Insurance Coverage Summary

Here is an example of where third-party liability coverage applies.

  • You hit and destroy a small Toyota Tercel driven by Don Pedro of Sinaloa. You are driving a Range Rover and his car is no longer recognizable.
    • Damage to the third party – in this case, Don Pedro of Sinaloa has coverage. If his medical costs and car repair costs are less than $300,000 USD then you should have $300,000 USD in liability coverage
      • Damage to your car is NOT under 3rd Party Liability.

4 — Medical payments to you and people in your car, also known as “Medical Payments”

This coverage comes with all policies, and it relates specifically to how much coverage for hospital and medical treatment. If you have two people in your car, everyone will have coverage depending on what you choose. Here is an example to help you choose your limits:

  • A young man driving his car to school with mobile device in-hand. He doesn’t notice the light is red and flies through it. As it happens, you are in the middle of the intersection as he plows through you. He has no insurance, but you have mexinsurance.
    • Standard Qualitas is $4,000 US per person, $20,000 per incident maximum
    • Upgrade available to $6,000 US Per Person with $40,000 US per incident
    • *Motorcycle policies do NOT have this risk. Drive motorcycles very carefully in Mexico

5 – Optional items under the tourist auto policy, commonly known as “Legal and Bail Bond”

Every mexinsurance program includes towing and legal aid. But offers the following MUCH BETTER, with all policiesAVQ – Roadside Assistance in Mexico® Standard Policy Table® Standard Policy Table® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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