Mexican Insurance Roadside Assistance Claims – Trip to CDMX

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Clients and friends,

Mexican Insurance:  Mexinsurance Roadside Assistance.  Our commitment as premier Mexican auto insurance provider is to ease stress involved with the unexpected happening while you drive in Mexico.  Obviously, a flat tire, an accident, car breakdown – these things will cause paint and it is out of our control.  Mexinsurance Roadside Assistance is always included;  clients expect perfect service on both sides of the border.  This means that if something bad happens, and you hold a policy – we all expect your stress to melt away as soon as you place that call to file your claim.

We have always taken that commitment seriously.  For more than 10 years we have only had to engage in claims when a miscommunication occurred – but lately, ever since we started including roadside assistance for free with all policies – claims have spiked and we received 3 complaints about how those claims were handled.  Here is what we did to address those complaints:

The Issue:  

Asistencia Vial Qualitas (AVQ – or Roadside Assistance) coverage is verified through a server.  We call it “Mexinsurance Roadside Assistance”.  This system was established for Mexican Domestic clients, where Qualitas already has all client data.  Regular claims – accidents and theft are handled differently because when you make the call, an adjuster comes to the scene and verifies coverage by looking at your policy document.  With Roadside Assist they typically dispatch a tow truck, and adjuster does not come to the scene – therefore a validation is necessary that you are a client.  This is the gap, Roadside and Accidents are validated differently even though they come to the same Claims Hotline Center.  So, when a client filed a roadside claim, the helpdesk would ask for a photo of policy or some proof that client is insured.

What We Did About It:

On March 28th, 2017 we traveled to Mexico City to discuss claims handling with the Corporate Claims Helpdesk (Cabina Nacional) and those executives in charge of the process. We toured the facility, reviewed the technology, and strategized how we can make things better for our clients.  We reviewed soup-to-nuts how the claims are initiated, managed, and closed.  We identified the gap – related to AVQ Certificate Validation and identified high-level action items required to fix the problem.  This new project will take 3-6 months, in the meantime, the AVQ leadership at Qualitas have assured us that all clients who identify themselves as such will be assisted immediately without further validation.

What is Next:

We resolved the immediate issue of clients calling Roadside claims, having to take extra steps to prove they were clients.  We are putting together a team, and initiating a project that will eliminate all issues, without compromising your personal data or our Privacy Policy.  Not only will this new project eliminate validation errors for our clients, but it will enhance and improve the overall experience for all claims – not just Roadside.


This was an excellent trip and visit with Qualitas Cabina.  We strengthened our existing relationship and put in motion steps that will change everything, for everyone, forever.  It is not prudent to discuss details at the moment, but it is very exciting and you will love it.  As promised, no matter what it takes we will continue to make every effort to ensure perfect service on both sides of the border.

Here are some photos of our trip:

Mexican Insurance Claims Hotline

Claims Hotline Meeting in Mexico City

Checking in with the Claims Hotline in Mexico City


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