Mexican Insurance Roadside Assistance Claims – Trip to CDMX

Mexican Insurance “mexinsurance” Roadside Assistance

Mexican Insurance, “Mex-Insurance” Roadside Assistance.

Our commitment as a Mexican auto insurance provider is to assume the risk involved with driving in Mexico.  The unexpected, flat tire, break down, what can we do about those?  Now included with all policies at no additional charge: Mexican Insurance Roadside AssistanceMexinsurance Roadside Assistance is always included;  clients expect perfect service on both sides of the border.  If something bad happens while driving in Mexico, and you hold a policy expect your stress to melt away as soon as you place that call to file your claim.

In 2016 we started including roadside assistance for free with all policies.  Customer complaints tripled almost immediately. leadership went right to action to address those concerns.

Mexican Roadside Assistance Issues:  

Asistencia Vial Qualitas (AVQ – or Roadside Assistance) coverage is verified through a server.  We call it “Mexinsurance Roadside Assistance”.  Regular Mexican Insurance claims – accidents and theft are handled differently because when you make the call, an adjuster comes to the scene and verifies coverage by looking at your policy document.  With Roadside Assist in Mexico, the insurance company will typically dispatch a tow truck and adjuster to the scene – therefore a validation is necessary that you are a client.  When a client filed a roadside claim, the helpdesk would ask for an emailed photo of policy for proof.  But what if the client has no internet?  These are Mexico tourists after all and the biggest threat is breaking down in the middle of the night, in the desert without internet or cell phone service.  Isn’t an emailed photo of the policy too much to ask?

The Mexican Roadside Assistance Claims Resolution:

On March 28th, 2017 we traveled to Mexico City to discuss claims handling with the Corporate Claims Helpdesk (Cabina Nacional) and those executives in charge of the process. We toured the facility, reviewed the technology, and strategized how we can make things better for our clients.  Our complete audit resulted in some interesting discoveries related to claims validation.  We identified the gap – related to AVQ Certificate Validation and identified high-level action items required to fix the problem.  This new project will take 3-6 months.  In the meantime, AVQ leadership at Qualitas  will immediately assist all clients who identify themselves as such  without further validation.

The Future of Mexican Roadside Assistance:

The issue with Mexican Insurance Roadside claims validation was resolved.  All clients will be auto-validated as long as they indicate they are client.  Then, as we deploy the new solution validation will occur prior to agent picking up the phone.  This will further ease the stress of an already difficult situation, assuming you are calling the Claims hotline because it’s a bad day already.

Summary of MexInsurance Trip to Mexico City and AVQ Cabina:

This was an excellent trip and visit with Qualitas Cabina in Mexico City.  We strengthened our existing relationship and put in motion steps that will change everything, for everyone, forever.  Without going into details, we are working on exciting improvements that our clients will love!  As promised, no matter what it takes we will continue to make every effort to ensure perfect service on both sides of the border.

Here are some photos of our trip:

Mexican Insurance Claims Hotline
Claims Hotline Meeting in Mexico City
Checking in with the Claims Hotline in Mexico City

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