Mexican Insurance Portal: Vehicles

Have you ever needed to add a driver to your Mexican Insurance? Now you can use the mexican insurance portal at to add/remove/edit your vehicles or drivers. When you’ve had too much to drink and decide someone else should drive, login and add a designated driver in 60 seconds! Or let’s say you have a friend come visit, but you can’t drive at night. Add them to your account, then policy!

  1. First, login to your mexican insurance portal and click the Vehicles tab
Step 1 - Edit or Remove Vehicle to Account

2.  Next, click the Manage icon that sits next to the vehicle you want to Edit/Remove

3.  Then, click Edit or Delete

4.  Finally, click YES to Confirm.

Return to the Service Portal.

From within your mexican insurance portal you have the ability to add drivers with a couple clicks. You can also add vehicles, change coverage (subject to underwriting rules), and even renew a policy in just minutes.

If you have a friend or relative who wants to take their vehicle to Mexico, just as easily you can add their vehicle to your mexinsurance portal. First add your friend as a driver, then add the vehicle. This way, you will be able to drop-down and select your friend as “Registered Owner” when the form asks you.

Please don’t forget to keep you password up-to-date, of course you can view this article to quickly update your password. And remember to share this system with your best of friends! Use this link here to spread the word.

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