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Add a Driver with a Couple Clicks

So, you have your car in Mexico. You’ve done everything right! You have valid drivers license, valid mexinsurance. You follow the laws and you don’t drink and drive. But, what if you do? What if you find yourself in a position where you just….don’t want to drive? Will your mexinsurance be valid with someone else behind the wheel? With the Drivers Portal of Mexinsurance you can.

Mexinsurance Portal: Manage Drivers

Now, with the Manage Drivers feature of the Mexican Insurance portal is it easier than ever to add/remove drivers on a policy. And you can update them without having to call the office!

1. Login to your portal and click the Drivers Tab:

2.  Then, click the Manage icon that rests on the right of the Driver you want to Delete

3.  Next, click Edit or Delete

4.  Confirm

Now that you know how to add a driver and update them. Here is another scenario where the mexinsurance portal for drivers can come in handy. Let’s say for example you are going to take Dad’s car to Mexico. Dad is the registered owner so first, add him as a driver in your mexinsurance portal. Then, add his vehicle and where it asks for Registered owner, you simply select your Dad from the drop-down!

Here is another example, say your wife never drives and you always leave her off the policy. Well, if you get sick or say God Forbid you’re in an accident – she will NEED to drive out of necessity. It makes sense just to add her as an additional driver – there is no cost for this.

Please keep in mind that even though your policy will likely be covered, especially in husband-wife scenarios. The authorities in Mexico are an animal unto themselves. If they pull you over and see some sort of discrepancy in the paperwork they can create problems that are not related to insurance. Keep things need, cross our T’s and dot our I’s – add ANYONE who May drive throuigh the mexinsurance portal for drivers.

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