Does Mexican Insurance Cover Personal Property?

Does Mexican Insurance Cover Personal Property?

Personal Belongings

The quick and short answer is, NO.  Mex insurance does not cover personal property.  What most people refer to as  “MexInsurance,” or “Mexican insurance” is a tourist auto insurance policy that covers the vehicle and its occupants only within the Republic of Mexico (subject to the Terms and Conditions).  The standard risks for Mexico Insurance are as follow:

  1. Collision:  physical damage done to your vehicle
  2. Comprehensive:  total theft of vehicle
  3. Liability:  3rd party liability covers damage the insured causes to a third party
  4. Medical Payments:  Medical payments covered for the listed insured as occupants in a vehicle involved in a claim
  5. Legal Aid and Bail Bond:  Assistance in the event of a claim or accident, subject to Terms and Conditions where the tourist will not have to spend time in jail the insurance company will post bond and provide legal aid.

What if my car is stolen and my laptop and camera are stolen with it?  Insurance Agent on Beach

The good news is that personal property is covered under your homeowner’s or renters’ insurance policy!!!  Most people don’t realize this, but it’s a standard peril in all homeowners/renters insurance policies that covers the loss of your personal property (subject to deductible) anywhere in the world.  If you lose your valuables on a plane, train, in your car or anywhere for any reason, contact your domestic insurance agent and file a claim. It’s also a good idea before you travel to Mexico to take photos of the items you bring with you, and to document their value…just in case…you can forward this information to your domestic insurance agent for the claim.

So, don’t forget to make sure your homeowners/renters insurance premium is paid up before driving into Mexico with your Mex Insurance in order to have your personal property covered.

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