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The secret is out in La Mesa! More people get Mexican Insurance in La Mesa from® than any other part of San Diego County. Thank you La Mesa!

Park Bench at Lake Murray in La Mesa, California
Park Bench at Lake Murray in La Mesa, California

People in La Mesa already know, but if you are planning a trip into Mexico, you should know that Mexican car insurance is a must. As a legal requirement, all drivers must have Mexican car insurance when driving anywhere in Mexico.® is an internet-based insurance company that offers a wide array of insurance policies that allow you to drive with the coverage you need to meet legal requirements and, of course, to protect your vehicle throughout your trip.

Some U.S.-based insurance companies extend their insurance down within a certain distance of the border. But, be careful with this. The only coverage they can extend is the part that covers damage or theft to your car. They can’t provide the liability portion of the coverage, which is the part legally required. If you’re in an accident in Mexico and determined at-fault, you can go to jail without insurance from a Mexican company.

Route 125 through La Mesa
Route 125 through La Mesa

Why are the Mexican Insurance Rates in La Mesa so Good? Is it just®?

Without the expense of a brick and mortar operation, we are able to offer our clients the most competitive rates on high-quality Mexican car insurance they’re likely to find anywhere. Drivers can visit the website to build their policy from our range of options and save both time and money by obtaining their Mexican auto insurance with us.

Who Is®?

A San Diego-based Mexican car insurance provider that operates under the authority of the California Department of Insurance. Founded in 2003 by Charles Lundy, a local east county resident who attended El Capitan High School.

We broker Mexican car insurance policies through the Qualitas Compania de Seguros, and Chubb Seguros. We provide free quotes as well as easy policy renewals for drivers who travel frequently to Mexico. To get to know us more thoroughly, we invite you to check out our blog. You’ll find that we also feature many tutorial-type videos for updating your vehicle information, renewing your policy, and much more.

Park Bench Downtown La Mesa
Downtown Park Bench in La Mesa

What If Something Happens When I’m in Mexico to My Car? How Can I Reach My Insurer?

Just like with any other insurance company, you will immediately file a claim. Once you purchase your insurance you will receive an email with the insurance packet. In that packet is a “How to File a Claim” document which offers step-by-step instructions. Whether you are filing a claim for Roadside Assistance, or for an accident, the claims hotline will respond. This claims hotline answers 24×7 in both english and spanish.

All policies sold at® automatically include Roadside Assistance in Mexico.

If you are planning to visit Mexico in the near future, take time to get to know®. Our convenient platform and our range of helpful travel information allow you to buy your insurance from a park bench! We have live chat, video tutorials, and a comprehensive travel blog to help you secure the coverage you need so you can legally drive in Mexico. Safely enjoy your time spent across the border. For more information, contact us today. Click here for a quick quote now!® – providing quality Mexican Car Insurance online since 2003.

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