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“I have been driving to Baja for over 30 years and I always stopped at the border but a friend of mine convinced me to try your website at the and have been using you ever since.  So far I haven’t had any claims but I appreciate the customer support and speed and simplicity of the website.  We all use you now”  -Bill B, San Diego, CA

“I was terrified when I was with my friend in Rosarita when we were rear-ended at the toll road. She had the mexican insurance cards in her glove box and called them.  They were with us in 10 minutes and they worked everything out for everybody.  She told me I could keep the proof of insurance card because she had all her paperwork availble to her to download online.  When we got to the hotel I bought an annual policy and we have been with you ever since.”  SaraJ, Encinitas, CA

“I work in Mexico and went to school with Charles at El Cap and I always knew he was going to be a big businessman and even though he was the class clown he was serious about business and he was honest.  I haven’t had any claims yet but I know if something happens you guys will have my back.”  Dustin G, Lakeside, CA

Video Testimonials – Mexican Insurance Experience

“My Mom and her husband told me about and honestly I didn’t even know we had to have insurance. For years I went without but I love your website and you can tell I’ve been with you since 2007 and even though you don’t give me a discount you have the best rates and service of any of the mexican insurance companies.” Adriana A, Menlo Park, CA

“I have a business in Puerto Penasco so I go back and forth all the time, your website makes it easy for me to add/remove drivers which is helpful to me when we have to re-up the Mexican insurance Thank you for everything over the years! I hate buying insurance, but we all love” Monica A. Phoenix, AZ

“I speak to Cindy so much she probably has nightmares about me. I cant say it enough – she is so helpful. Because of her, and the price I come to you. I’m not that computer literate but the website is easy. I’ll always buy my mexican insurance from you.” Roberta P, Los Angeles, CA

“I bought my first mexican car insurance policy from you guys in 2004 and your website sucked. LOL actually it was revolutionary back then. I’m glad you know what you’re doing because I filed two small claims; the insurance company handled the cops and the person I hit while I prayed. Thanks for providing a good honest service all these years.” Gerald D, Corona, CA

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

“In the past 10 years I have only had to file one claim but I have to tell you after that experience I will never go without having mexinsurance car insurance. I visit my family down in Querétero twice a year. A drunk driver hit us in the frontera one year. I called your office someone connected us with the claims department and someone was there within 30 minutes. The police left us alone and the guy from the insurance company was friendly and helpful.” Carlos E, San Antonio

Mexican Insurance claim will be denied if driving off-road

“You are the best out there I know I was with your competitor and they were rude pendejos. My claims was denied when I rolled my truck in the dunes outside of Puertocitos. But I was impressed how quickly they came to help. It was the nicest claim denial experience imaginable. I should have known better than to drink and drive my Dad’s car in the dunes.” Bill W., El Cajon CA

The Mexican Insurance Experience

“It helps you’ve been around since my kids were little. My bookmark still says “” your first internet address? I don’t know if you make a lot of money but I will say thank you for providing the service that you do. I am always treated respectfully by the staff and you make the unpleasant process of buying mexican car insurance, not so unpleasant. The website has been GREAT for the past 5 years. Awesome, A+” Victoria P, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

We appreciate all your kind words and the trust you put in us year in and year out. We will continue to improve and upgrade our Mexican Insurance services, offerings and system. Please sign up for our newsletter and keep in touch! Its great to hear from so many of you.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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