Mexican Insurance Exclusions Summary

Mexican Insurance Exclusions Summary

Mexinsurance Exclusions – as defined in “CLAUSE 3ª.    RISKS THAT ARE NOT COVERED BY THE CONTRACT ” of the Terms and Conditions.

The following Mexican insurance exclusions will in no event cover the following:

Mexican Insurance Exclusions A-E

A.  Mexican Insurance Exclusions for Civil Liability. The death of the insured – driver, is not covered under the Liability section of this policy. The Liability section only covers parties injured as a result of the insured driving. In addition, liability resulting from intentional felonious acts in which the owner or the driver participate, are not covered. The driver is covered under Risk 4 – Medical Payments.

B.  Civil liability as a result of having run over persons that are relatives of the Insured is excluded. Also excluded, persons in the employment of the Insured.     

C.  Expenses and fees incurred in the legal defense of the driver, the Insured or owner of the vehicle that is described resulting from criminal proceedings as a consequence of any accident. Nor does this coverage contemplate the cost of bonds, fines or bonds of any type, as well as any penalty or any other obligation that is different to the reimbursement of the loss.

D.  To use the vehicle for purposes other than those specified in the policy.

E.  To participate either directly or indirectly with the vehicle in races or in safety, endurance or speed tests. 

Mexican Insurance Exclusions F-K

F.  Utilize the vehicle for the purpose of teaching or for giving instructions as to the way it handles or as to how it functions.  

G.  Loss or material damage to the insured vehicle resulting from being driven off conventional roads used for vehicles. Beaches, dunes, (including beaches) or when these are found not suitable for driving.

mexican insurance experience: claim denied
Driving off-road is a specific Exclusion to the Policy

H.  When the vehicle is participating in safety, endurance or speed competitions or tests, unless otherwise agreed to. 

I.  Damage that the insured vehicle may suffer or cause during the time it is being used for the purpose of giving driving lessons or instructions as to its operation, unless otherwise agreed to.

J.  Damage that the insured vehicle may suffer or cause during the time it is being used to haul trailers or boats, unless otherwise listed on the policy.

K.  Damage that the insured vehicle may suffer or cause during the time it is being driven by a person that does not have a valid license. “Valid License” of the type that is required for driving and issued by the corresponding authorities in accordance with the law. When the vehicle is being driven by a person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that were not prescribed if these circumstances had a direct influence in the accident that caused the damage. 

drinking and driving
If you are Drinking and Driving your Policy will not Cover Damages caused

Mexican Insurance Exclusions L-Q

L.  Theft of parts and accessories, unless it is as a direct consequence of the total theft of the vehicle that is insured.

M.  Any consequential loss suffered by the Insured and/or by any occupant of the vehicle, as well expenses that are incurred as a result of the accident, such as:  hotel room and board, transportation, telephone calls, car rental or by not being able to use the insured vehicle. 

N.  The rupture or mechanical breakdown or failure of any part of the insured vehicle as result of use, unless it was caused as a direct result of any of the risks covered in this policy

O.  Material damage that the insured vehicle may suffer due to normal wear and tear of the automobile or of its  parts, as well as the depreciation value wise.

P.  Loss or damage that the insured vehicle suffers as a consequence of acts of war. Result of a foreign invasion or civil war that is declared, confiscation, insurrection, rebellion, expropriation, requisition, confiscation, seizure or detention by legally constituted Authorities in the performance of their duties or for any other similar reason.  Loss or damage to the insured vehicle is also not covered when it is being used for any military purpose, with or without the consent of the Insured.

Q.  Loss or damage to the insured automobile when exposed to the normal action of the tide, including when a flood occurs.

Final Mexican Insurance Exclusions

R.  Overloaded trailers or excessive traction that cause damage to viaducts, bridges, scales etc are not covered. .

S.  In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to viaducts, bridges, scales, or to any public thoroughfare and to objects and installations below the level of the ground, be they caused by vibrations or due to the weight of the vehicle or of the load it is hauling.

T.  Malicious mischief, vandalism and theft of contents and/or partial theft of any accessory belonging to the automobile, boat or trailer. 

U.  Any general damages, including pain and suffering, any economic or incidental losses (other than “Medical Expenses” as defined in section 4 herein), or any damages arising out of loss of use of the insured vehicle by the insured or any occupant or other passengers of the insured vehicle; for losses related to other damages to any persons arising out of injuries sustained by another person.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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