Simplified: Mexican Car Insurance Coverage

Mexican Car Insurance is not simple. The truth is, domestic car insurance is not simple so how can car insurance in a foreign country be easier to understand? Our goal with this article is to Simplify Mexican Car Insurance Coverage

Listed below are the five Mexican car insurance coverage basics. Every Mexican Car Insurance policy has some form of each of these. Here we try to simplify the language so you understand which is which. As a result, you will make a more informed decision when choosing between “Liability Only” or “Complete Coverage” policy.

mexican car accident - physical damage to YOUR car
Physical Damage coverage (Complete) includes coverage for YOUR vehicle

Risk 1 – Physical Damage to Your Car. Also known as “Collision”

When you select Complete Coverage you get Risk 1 and 2. Common examples include:

Car Thief in Mexico - Mexican Auto Insurance
Total Theft – Car, Truck, RV or Motorcycle Stolen in Mexico

Risk 2 – Total Theft

Risk 2 is included with Complete Coverage, and it is self-explanatory. Common examples include:

  • Your car, truck, RV or motorcycle disappears. This risk will compensate you and/or the lien holder (the person you make monthly payments to) for your loss. Loss is based on Actual Cash Value and the amount you enter for “Vehicle Value”.

3rd Party Liability – Damage You Cause to Someone Else

Risk 3 – 3rd Party Liability

Commonly referred to in the mexinsurance world as “Liability” – this covers damage you cause to another person or property in Mexico. The absolute minimum we offer is $150,000 US, but you can purchase up to $1,000,000 US.

Common examples of coverage

  • You blink your eyes and run into a young woman stopped at a red light. The woman at the red light was doing makeup and the makeup stick jammed into her eyeball during the impact of the accident. The ambulance rushes her to a hospital where she spends the next 48 hours. As a result, she has two broken bones, a broken car, and a broken heart.
    • This is a risk – damage to third party person or thing. The damage to her vehicle and her medical is covered under this Risk up to limits you choose.
      • Damage to your car is NOT covered under 3rd Party Liability.
  • Your accelerator sticks and brakes stop working and you run into a crowd of Texans at the bar in Monterrey (yes, with JJ Watt Jerseys, it’s a Sunday). The damage you caused to those Texans will be covered under this risk, to the maximum limit of the policy.
    • If you are committing any crime, under the Terms and Conditions this policy can be voided and claim denied.
    • Drinking and driving is a crime that can cause policy claim to be denied. Don’t drink and drive in Mexico. Don’t drink and drive anywhere. Be drunk; don’t be a drunken idiot.

Mexican Insurance Coverage Simplified

Risk 4 – Medical Payments

Medical Payments to cover YOU and your occupants in the car. This is included for all policies except for Motorcycle Automobile policy. Examples include:

  • You are in a car accident, regardless of fault. Everyone is conscious but you have 3 occupants moaning and groaning in the back of the car. All parties are taking by ambulance to the hospital. Each person is subject to the Medical Payments, Risk 4 coverage which can be upgraded.
    • Standard Qualias is $4,000 US per person, $20,000 per incident maximum
    • Upgrade available to $6,000 US Per Person with $40,000 US per incident
    • *Motorcycle policies do NOT have this risk. Drive motorcycles very carefully in Mexico

Risk 5 – Legal and Roadside

Risk 5 is almost always a legal and roadside assistance plan, and the 5th of 5 mexinsurance coverage basics. At the very least, most mexinsurance programs offer Legal Aid, Towing and Bail Bond but offers the following including with all policies: AVQ – Roadside Assistance in Mexico® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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