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Once an isolated gem, the appropriately-named Chula Vista (Spanish for “Beautiful View”) is now a rapidly expanding urban center. The population has tripled in size since 1980. Located just 7.5 miles north of the border, the city’s vibrant Hispanic community — which makes up 58% of the population — has attracted thousands of new immigrants. The immigrant Mexican-Americans Buy Mexican Car Insurance in Chula Vista to protect their vehicles while they travel between both countries.

Chula Vista Harbor at Sunset
Chula Vista Harbor at Sunset

San Diego’s gateway to Mexico

Despite its small population, relative to cities like San Diego or San Francisco, Chula Vista’s strategic location between San Diego and Tijuana. Chula Vista’s central location makes it enormously important for the economy of the Golden State. Especially because many “maquiladora” companies have built their factories on both sides of the border. This dual-country approach allows a company to take advantage of the vast pool of labor and resources in Mexico and the technology of the US.

Every day, thousands of drivers commute from Chula Vista and San Diego to Tijuana, where they play a key role in that city’s growing economy. However, traffic goes both ways, because many Americans have chosen to settle in Tijuana to take advantage of the city’s low real estate prices. As many as 90,000 people commute from Tijuana to San Diego every day.

Work isn’t the only reason why Chula Vista residents head south, though. With more than half of its inhabitants having Hispanic roots, thousands cross every month to visit their family members. Furthermore, Mexico’s colonial architecture and paradisiacal beaches have an irresistible charm for Californian tourists. Here you can read the history of Chula Vista

Buy a Mexican car insurance policy to stay safe during your Southern trip

While Spanish sounds the same on both sides of the border, the same can’t be said of auto insurance policies. Mexico does not recognize American auto insurance policies, so you’ll need to buy a Mexican policy for your vehicle before you cross the border. Although you can cross into Mexico without auto insurance, buying a Mexican policy will give you the safeguards of liability insurance that will help you get out of trouble if need be.

Whether you own a motorcycle, car, or an RV, having a Mexican auto insurance policy means you meet the minimum legal requirements to drive in Mexico. However, it’s key that you only buy your insurance policy from a reputable Mexican broker, like A good, strong broker with more than 10 years of experience can help you escalate if you need it. IF the Mexican company is unresponsive, a good broker can intervene. Also, make sure your broker is duly licensed and has all the bonding requirements in place. In California, this broker should have $1,000,000 in E&O insurance in addition to a $50,000 S&L Bond on file with the state. If they do not have a bond or license, you have no recourse.

The good news is that you can buy your Mexican policy without leaving the US simply by contacting an American insurance company that is partnered with a reputable from across the border. Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. for example, maintains an agreement with two Mexican companies, Qualitas and Chubb. Contact them for any questions.

Get your Mexican auto insurance policy without leaving the comfort of your home

Although many brokers in San Ysidro’s border crossing offer Mexican auto policies. With so many things to do in Chula Vista if you like to wait in line or sit at somebody’s desk. Do you trust the gas station attendant with insurance? Are you really going to pay cash without an electronic receipt? Without confirmation that the insurance company in Mexico has your info? But if that weren’t enough to turn you off, consider some paper policies are twice as expensive. And some aren’t covered by a respectable Mexican Company on the other side of the border.

The good news is that now you can get the coverage you need without ever leaving your house. Thanks to our online platform, our clients can browse through the different coverage policies we offer. Additionally, get advice from our professional customer support staff, and get the timely assistance. Plus, the company maintains a 24×7 claims support hotline in Mexico.

MexInsurance® is an exclusively online broker, so you won’t even need to go anywhere. All you need to do to buy a MexInsurance® Mexican car insurance policy is to visit our website. Once there, you can get a free quote in about 30 seconds and submit your application in just five minutes. After you have sent your information, you can print out your insurance card, take it with you to Mexico. Enjoy 24-hour phone and live chat support wherever you go.

MexInsurance® – Chula Vista

Every year, thousands of Californians drive south to Mexico for work, family, or recreation. For those that travel uninsured, getting into an accident can mean countless headaches. You can avoid this nightmare scenario by buying a MexInsurance Mexican auto insurance policy. Just use your mobile device to visit our website. Get a quote or chat with our helpful staff to see which plan best suits your needs.

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