Mexican Independence Day

Indisputably Mexico’s most important and most revered National Holiday is Mexican Independence Day. In Mexico, we call it Dia de la Patria.

During this time, Fiestas Patrias take place nationwide. From the evening of September 15th, parties begin. As is the tradition, at 11pm, the President of the Republic of Mexico shouts the Cry (El Grito). “Viva Mexico”, the President screams from the balcony of the National Palace. This event is televised and broadcast on radio to every corner of the Country. As the President scream “Viva!” the people scream it back! It is an emotional experience for all Mexicans as they recognize their Independence from Spain.

El Grito

Because of the yelling “Viva” it’s called “El Grito”. Every 16th of September the Mexican people with all their Mexican pride raise their glasses and yell back at the President.

The original Mexicans, or Indigenous People were part of some of the most amazing civilizations. Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Toltec and of course the Aztecs. These civilizations contributed so much to our society but as original Mexicans they fought Spanish rule. Some more than others but the pride in Mexico runs much deeper and long before Mexico was free of the Spanish monarch.

Altar of The Children Olmec Stone Sculpture
Altar of The Children Olmec Stone Sculpture

When Christopher Columbus came to modern-day Mexico, they explored the land to find gold and other fine riches throughout the land. In 1521, the Spanish soldiers under Hernan Cortes ravaged Mexico and the indigenous people. At the time the Aztecs had built a very powerful empire and held strong. Ultimately, under Hidalgo, Mexico earned its independence from Spain and on September 15, every year we celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

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