Mexican Getaways for Couples

Mexico for 2

Mexico is filled with romantic spots and venues that are ideal for couples looking for a place to get away.  The beaches offer postcard-like settings and fun couples’ activities while the interior boasts its own unique charms from hacienda tours to eco-friendly pursuits like hiking.  The following getaway destinations are perfect for spending a long weekend or week in a setting seemingly designed to nurture romance.  If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or a place to bring your valentine, these are top-notch choices.


This coastal state on the Pacific is known for its luxury vacation destinations like Punta Mita; this seaside town is the perfect place to rent a private villa by the sea.  On the other hand, the nearby beach town of Chacala is celebrated for its regional petroglyphs that may be exciting for some couples to check out.  The interior of the state boasts historic attractions like the temple of Ixtlan del Rio.  The coastal islands of Nayarit are ideal settings for planning a scuba holiday with your significant other.

Couples Getaway in Mexico
Couples Getaway in Mexico

San Felipe

This breathtaking city is located in Baja California on the enchanting Sea of Cortez.  The beaches of San Felipe are noted for their romantic scenery.  Couples can enjoy a relaxed beach holiday swimming and snorkeling during the day and dancing at any number of beachside clubs in the evening.  If you want to live in a bathing suit for most of your vacation getaway lounging under a splendid Mexican sun enjoying seafood tacos and margaritas, this is the place to do it!

Valle de Guadalupe

This wine region of the Baja Peninsula is ideal for a romantic getaway.  Couples can book a stay near the vineyards and enjoy winery tours and wine tastings along with exceptional cuisine.  The wine lands of this region are regarded as the best in Mexico and are, therefore, internationally famous for producing wines on par with those of Napa Valley.  For a romantic setting filled with wine and delectable cuisine, there are few places to rival this beautiful locale.


This tourist town may be known for its luxury resorts, but it also boasts a myriad of affordable and delightful accommodations that are great for couple’s who want to enjoy its myriad of attractions without spending a fortune.  The beaches are superb here; however, there are also historical attractions to visit nearby.  With its all-night discos and every manner of water sport available, this is a great place for couples looking for a high-energy vacation destination.


Though Mexico City might get top billing for its vast array of cultural attractions, the city of Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula is a charming destination for couples.  Filled with colonial architecture to explore, the city is the perfect jumping-off point for taking a hacienda tour.  Moreover, as the capital city of the Mexican state of Yucatan, Merida boasts incredible museums and restaurant that are popular among many tourists and visiting couples.

While northern Mexico boasts many romantic destinations suitable for couples driving (make sure you have proper car insurance coverage), there are actually quite as many scenic regions scattered throughout the country.  With its mountain towns and coastal villages, there are plenty of choices for vacationing couples to consider when they want to get away and enjoy a relaxing vacation together.

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