Mexican Car Insurance in Lakeside

Are you considering making the trip down south to Mexico from Lakeside, California? It takes just under an hour to drive from Lakeside to the Tijuana Customs, making for a great weekend getaway. Before crossing the border, however, you will require to make proper arrangements for Mexican car insurance.

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Mexican Car Insurance Requirements

Mexican law as of 2019 requires that all vehicles operating within the country must have valid third-party liability insurance. The minimum amount of third-party insurance is 100,000 USD. It is our recommendation, however, to get about 300,000 to 1,000,000 USD of coverage.

Note that only approved Mexican insurance companies may issue Mexican car insurance. No matter how comprehensive your US or Canadian insurance coverage is, it is not valid on Mexican soil.

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Fines for not having this third-party insurance can be upwards of 150 USD. The worst-case scenario is an arrest and time in Mexican lockup while you sort out the damages. If you’re in a serious accident without proper insurance, the likelihood of a full-fledged investigation and jail-time is a serious possibility.

Who Needs Mexican Car Insurance?

As mentioned above, every car that is operating within Mexico requires Mexican car insurance. This is true even if you’re traveling within the Mexico free zone areas. Whether you’re driving in from Canada or the US, make sure you have proper coverage before entering Mexico.

How Do I Get Mexican Car Insurance?

By law, you’ll require to get Mexican car insurance either directly through a Mexican insurance company or through a US-based insurance company that works directly with a Mexican insurance company. There are two ways you can get Mexican car insurance:

  1. At the Mexico border: Typically, border towns will have Mexican insurance companies available for those who need it. For example, if you travel from Lakeside, there are multiple insurance companies right before you hit the border. It’s generally not wise to purchase at the border due to the higher costs, though. You’re also in more of a rush with little access to any type of pricing/coverage option research.
  2. US insurance companies: Before visiting Mexico, you can pay a visit to any US-based insurance company that offers Mexican car insurance. You’ll be able to research rates, assess your coverage options, and head to Mexico with a solid understanding of your insurance plan.

Play It Safe

The short drive to the Mexican border from Lakeside, California, makes for a convenient trip down south. Whether you’re visiting Mexico for business or leisure, make sure you’re properly covered with Mexican Car Insurance in Lakeside. 

Here at Mex Insurance, we provide residents in the US with Mexican car insurance in Lakeside, online. Save the hassle of trying to figure out car insurance in Mexico by shopping with us. We work directly with a leading Mexican insurance company to get you the best rates so that you have coverage if anything happens on your trip.

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