Mexican Car Insurance For Rentals in Mexico

Are you planning to drive into Mexico for business or a leisurely road trip? Did you know that you need a separate car insurance policy if you plan to drive in Mexico? Not many people are aware of this, but it is extremely important to purchase Mexican car insurance before driving on Mexican soil.

Your US auto insurance policy will not be recognized south of the border, no matter which state you are in.

By obtaining Mexico insurance, you can avoid many legal problems and spending a large amount of money to resolve these problems and pay for any damages that arise from a car accident.

Mexican Auto Insurance for Car Rentals

Contrary to what you might believe, Mexican car insurance is important not only when you drive your own car in Mexico but also for rental cars.

Renting a car in this country is much the same as renting in the US and you will find international, such as Alamo, Avis, Enterprise and Hertz, as well as local car rental companies.

However, you should bear in mind that it can take some careful research to navigate the notorious mandatory insurance in Mexico.

The Mexican mandatory insurance is the one big factor you need. So keep in mind when renting a car in the country.

When you look at comparison websites, the car rental rates in Mexico will look amazingly cheap, but remember that these rates do not include insurance. Insurance can easily double, even triple, car rental rates.

Declining to buy the Mexican auto insurance for rental cars is extremely foolhardy. But buying the full package without knowing exactly what you are purchasing is only slightly less so.

Keep in mind that you should purchase at least the liability portion of the Mexican car insurance.

It is also wise to purchase the Collision Waiver. This portion provides the cost of physical damage or theft of the car. Any damage to the car, including theft, will fall upon you to pay if you fail to buy the coverage. You may be detained in Mexico if you are unable to pay for damage.

Buy Mexican Car Insurance for Your Rental Car

Are you planning to drive a rental car to Mexico? Make sure that you buy Mexican car insurance to cover and protect you while driving in the country. For more information or a quote, visit today.

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