Mexican Auto Insurance in San Diego

Although you may have US car insurance policy, you will still need to purchase legally valid Mexican auto insurance in San Diego.

No matter how comprehensive, US car insurance policies do not hold legal jurisdiction in our neighbor to the south. This means you need to purchase separate insurance for your vehicle while driving in Mexico.

The good news is that it is easy to buy auto insurance for Mexico. Many insurance companies provide this type of car insurance online.

San Diego California
San Diego California

Avoid Problems by Purchasing Mexican Auto Insurance in San Diego

If you are driving in Mexico and not properly insured and you become involved in an automobile accident, you will, at best, spend a large sum of money and, at worst, be imprisoned by local authorities in a Mexican jail house.

It will be of no use at all to present a US car insurance policy because documents such as these do not legal or actual force in this country. Also, the companies that back them will not settle any claim that arises when you are in an accident south of the border.

If you are involved in a serious car accident in Mexico, you are likely to be arrested pending investigation. There are many procedures that you will need to go through while the local authorities investigate.

If you do not have proper Mexican auto insurance in San Diego and get involved in a serious accident – even when it is not really your fault – it is more than likely that these stringent procedures will put a lot of stress and financial burden on you.

In order to avoid legal and financial problems, you should make sure that you have Mexican auto insurance. In fact, you should purchase the insurance policy well beforehand – several days or even weeks before you drive to Mexico.

You can buy car insurance for Mexico at the border zone. But it will cost you a lot more than buying it online from a reputed insurance provider.

Coverage and Protection with Mexican Auto Insurance in San Diego

For comprehensive Mexican auto insurance that provides the coverage and protection, contact us.

The company offers policies with complete coverage to ensure that you avoid problems while driving in Mexico. For more information or a free quote, visit® today.

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